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  1. Grub Guide
    Seven Sublime Chef-Driven Taquerias, And Seven More Honorable MentionsSure even Vince Neil has a taco spot these days, but little compares to these chef-engineered examples.
  2. Endangered
    Tinga Reboots Renee’s Sooner Than ExpectedTinga will probably have a working ice machine at the old Renee’s Courtyard Cafe space
  3. Foodievents
    Tinga Honors Campanile With ‘Quesadilla Thursdays’The weekly event will feature pastrami-dillas and a BMQ.
  4. Empire Building
    Tinga Looks for Extra Space and Considers a Taco TruckThe owner also recounts the meal at Super Rica that started him on the path to taco entrepreneurship.
  5. Openings and Closings
    In Case You Missed ItA rundown of what’s open and closed in 2010.
  6. Taco Town
    Casa Chef Alex Moreno Takes On L.A.’s Taquerias, With PermissionThe seasonal Downtown chef and L.A. native finds inspiration at some favorite restaurants around town.
  7. Mediavore
    A Mouse Gives Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares; Food Stamps RebrandedThe loudmouth chef needs pest control, while the newly named CalFresh program has the approval of focus groups.
  8. General Mexillence
    Is ‘Dirty Horchata’ Due For Starbucks?Tinga takes credit for the invention of a drink already served in Highland Park.
  9. Trends
    Modern Mexican Food Booms in L.A.Don’t be completely surprised if Wolfgang Puck’s next restaurant is a simple taqueria.
  10. Menus
    What to Eat at Tinga, Now Open on LaBreaThe menu is more Super Rica in spirit than following its recipes step-by-step.
  11. Openings
    Tinga Will Try To Bring Super Rica Taqueria Flavor to Mid-City L.A.Coffee and pastrami sliders might not add much to the original inspiration.