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    Howard Johnson’s Will Have Just One Location — Here’s a Timeline of Its CollapseThe roadside restaurant chain is almost a part of American history.
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    2015 Was Easily the Most Depressing Year in Chipotle’s HistoryThings went from bad to worse for the burrito chain with a once-sterling reputation.
  3. Timelines
    How New York City Hit Its Crispy-Chicken-Sandwich Saturation PointFrom the original McChicken to Fuku, Shake Shack, and beyond.
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    How Major Food Group Conquered New York’s Restaurant World in Just 5 YearsA comprehensive timeline of the shockingly swift ascent of New York’s most famous purveyors of veal parmesan.
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    A Brief History of Jeremiah Tower’s Equally Brief Tenure at Tavern on theHe only started in November.
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    19 Defining Moments in the History of YogurtCongratulations, New York, you have a new state snack.
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    The Bánh Mì Boom: A Grub Street TimelineA look back at over two years of bánh mì buzz, and how the humble Vietnamese sandwich became the new panino.