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  1. tie-ins
    How to Get Some Very Limited Shake Shack x Allbirds SneakersFor one day only, $100 will get you the special shoes and a shake.
  2. tie-ins
    Solo Cups’ Star Wars Tie-in Is Obviously PerfectWhen a movie’s already called Solo, the co-brand opportunities are built right in.
  3. mmm…
    Simpsons Doughnuts Are Finally RealGet ready for Krispy Kreme’s “D’ohnuts.”
  4. tie-ins
    Uniqlo’s New Ramen Shirts Are Actually Pretty GreatThe company has incorporated eight famous ramen logos into “playful” wearable designs.
  5. tie-ins
    Pizza Hut Unveiled New ‘Pie Top’ Sneakers That Order Pizza and Pause TVThe chain’s Pie Tops II are a noticeable upgrade over the originals.
  6. the chain gang
    Get Ready for Girl Scout Cookie CoffeeAmerica runs on Thin Mints.
  7. tie-ins
    ‘Friends’ Fans Are One Step Closer to Getting Real ‘Central Perk’ Coffee ShopsWarner Bros. trademarked use of the name for “coffee bars” and “cafe services.”
  8. the phantom lettuce
    Even Star Wars Fans Have Drawn the Line at This R2-D2 Dole LettuceThe produce company gets the 2017 award for most absurd tie-in.
  9. news you can booze
    Saturday Night Live Is Making Its Own WinesBottles are inspired by Stefon, Debbie Downer, and the Californians.
  10. tie-ins
    The 6 Most Ridiculous Things About Tiffany’s New RestaurantThe new café includes $48 finger sandwiches and is meant to feel like being “inside” a Tiffany box.
  11. tie-ins
    France Went and Created Blue Hamburger BunsThey’re made to honor Colette before it closes.
  12. Unauthorized Stranger Things Pop-up Shut Down by Netflix“We’re not going to go full Dr. Brenner on you.”
  13. tie-ins
    Shake Shack’s Boozy Will & Grace Milkshakes Will Benefit GLAADThat marks at least one good thing about the shameless tie-in.
  14. coffee talk
    Luke From Gilmore Girls Is Launching His Own Coffee LineFor some reason, it’s going to be called Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee.
  15. tie-ins
    Bring a Superheroic Appetite for This Three-Tiered Wonder Woman BurgerGonzo sandwich-maker Datz has done it again.
  16. tie-ins
    Nike Let Mark Wahlberg Make Wahlburgers Air Jordan SneakersThey involve lots of St. Paddy’s Day green.
  17. tie-ins
    Chicago’s Saved by the Bell Pop-up Will Tour NationwideThe announcement comes from Mr. Belding himself.
  18. the chain gang
    Starbucks Is Reportedly Releasing a Pokémon FrappuccinoA leaked memo says the rollout’s timed to cafés becoming either PokéStops or Gyms.
  19. tie-ins
    Bob’s Burgers Launches a Real, 10-Day Burger Pop-upPun-tastic burgers inspired by the popular Fox show are just part of the multi-day art show.
  20. video feed
    Here’s SodaStream’s Very Odd, Extremely Long New AdPeople are very confused by the Game of Thrones–inspired spot.
  21. tie-ins
    Get Ready for Girl Scout Cookie CerealFinally.
  22. pop-ups
    Restaurant Tupac Designed Will Open on the 20th Anniversary of His DeathIt’s based on his own sketches.
  23. the chain gang
    Russian Burger King Finally Honors Artist Who Nailed His Scrotum to Red SquareThe chain is “bringing culture to the masses” for its sixth anniversary.
  24. tie-ins
    Krispy Kreme–Flavored Soda Might Be the Junk Food That Does America In for GoodDid anyone ask for doughnut-spiked Cheerwine?
  25. Tie-ins
    Japanese Chain Debuts Predictably Bonkers Ghostbusters BurgersOf course there’s a Stay Puft Marshmallow burger for dessert.
  26. Tie Ins
    Of Course Japan Gets Captain America–Themed RamenThe Marvel-branded stunt noodles come from Ippudo, no less.
  27. Tie-ins
    London Is Getting a Star Wars ‘Fork Awakens’ Pop-upExpect lightsaber cocktails and Hutt dogs.
  28. Tie-Ins
    Ippudo Is Hosting an Official Marvel Comics Ramen Pop-up Next WeekThe Hell’s Kitchen location will serve 40 bowls of a special “Avengers Interactive Ramen” a day.
  29. Tie-Ins
    Get Ready for Star Wars Ice Cream From Brooklyn’s Ample HillsThere are two official flavors: the Light Side and the Dark Side.
  30. Video Feed
    This Millennium Falcon Cake Is Very ImpressiveThe fondant is strong with this one.
  31. Tie-Ins
    Pepsi Is Releasing a Collectible Version of Back to the Future’sOn October 21, of course.
  32. Tie-Ins
    Here Are the Most Over-the-Top Foods Commemorating Pope Francis’s VisitYou can eat pizzas and pretzels in his spitting image.
  33. Tie-Ins
    The Official DC Comics Restaurant Serves Batman Burgers With Black BunsAquaman fans can add a side of shrimp for a heroic surf-and-turf.
  34. News You Can Booze
    There’s Going to Be a Real, Official Wheaties BeerFinally, a real breakfast of champions.
  35. Tie-Ins
    Istanbul Has a Breaking Bad Café and We Don’tThe concept was originally supposed to open in Brooklyn.
  36. Tie Ins
    Get Ready for an ‘Immersive’ Twin Peaks Pop-up RestaurantThe creators promise pie and “a twist” on a damn fine cup of coffee.
  37. Tie-Ins
    Japan Just Got Its Own Super Mario CaféThere are Piranha Plants in sodas and a Question Block tiramisu.
  38. News You Can Booze
    Now There’s an Official Breaking Bad VodkaA great way to get your Heisenberg fix.
  39. Tie-Ins
    Someone’s Creating an Official ‘Puff, the MagicThe same person who brought you the Rainforest Café, in fact.
  40. Tie-Ins
    There’s an Official Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant Opening in Hong KongBrace yourself for the cutest dim sum ever.
  41. Tie-ins
    Wes Anderson Designed a Café That Looks Like Something Straight Out of HisIt’s located in Milan.
  42. Tie-Ins
    Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos Might Become a Real RestaurantCreator Vince Gilligan and Sony want to make it happen.
  43. Tie-Ins
    White Castle Sneakers Have ArrivedHarold and Kumar go to the shoe store.
  44. Tie-Ins
    Twitter’s Fantastic ‘Florida Man’ Account Now Has Its Own BeerIt’s from Tampa’s much-loved Cigar City Brewing.
  45. Tie-Ins
    Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Is Launching His Own Ice-Cream LineNow let’s get an Arnold Palmer flavor.
  46. Tie-Ins
    Craft Brewery Finally Releases a Beer Dedicated to Comics Legend HellboyBeer nerds and comics fanboys, rejoice.
  47. Tie-Ins
    This Brewery Launched a Fifty Shades of Grey–ThemedIt’s a combination of aphrodisiacs, nerve stimulants, and 50 hop varieties.
  48. Tie-Ins
    Here’s an Entire Japanese New Year’s Feast That Comes in a PokemonChoose this Poké Ball and get 26 traditional osechi dishes for $136.
  49. Tie-ins
    Pharrell Williams’s Ubiquity Now Extends to Fancy French MacaronsHe and Ladurée have made peanut-butter and cola macarons.
  50. The Chain Gang
    You Just Know Taco Bell’s New ‘Sriracha Menu’ Will Be a HitKansas City locations are reportedly slathering Quesaritos and tacos in it.
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