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The Waiting Game

  1. The Waiting Game
    Dominique Ansel Cookie Shots, Day 1: The GIF RecapWe braved the line and have the semi-animated photos to prove it.
  2. The Waiting Game
    Alan Richman Defends His Mighty Quinn’s Tale“I was the not-so-young guy with a pen in hand, writing down everything she said in a notebook.”
  3. The Waiting Game
    Mighty Quinn’s Co-Founder Calls Alan Richman’s Line-Inflation ClaimsThe ‘GQ’ critic claims Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque does its best to cultivate long lines instead of serving customers promptly.
  4. The Waiting Game
    Garces’ Kimmel Center Restaurant DelayedCost overruns have pushed back the start of the restaurant’s construction.
  5. The Waiting Game
    There Is Now Regularly a Twenty-Minute Line at Trick DogThey’re trying to keep things inside a little less packed.
  6. The Waiting Game
    New Facade Shows There’s Signs of Life at Royal Sushi & IzakayaWork is underway, but how much longer will it go before an opening?
  7. The Waiting Game
    Crepe Expectations: Forthcoming South Philly Sweets Shop Previewing Its Wares atWhile the South Philly shop is still coming together, the owner’s serving her goods at Center City’s Christmas Village.
  8. The Waiting Game
    Fond Wraps Service on Passyunk Ave.; Reopening Later This Week Around the CornerThe restaurant’s second act opens on December 6.
  9. The Waiting Game
    The No-Reservations Generation: Which Restaurants Have the Worst Waits?A reporter tests the lines at some of the city’s busiest no-reservation restaurants.
  10. The Waiting Game
    Royal Izakaya Is Still a Go; Construction UnderwayThe space is being outfitted to the chef’s specifications.
  11. The Waiting Game
    Will Hop Sing Laundromat Open Before the Year’s End?The long awaited debut of one of the city’s most hyped cocktail bars is certainly on the horizon.
  12. The Waiting Game
    Iron Hill’s Chestnut Hill Location Is About Two Weeks AwayThe local chain of brewpubs tweeted today that it’s about two weeks away from opening its first location in Philadelphia.
  13. The Waiting Game
    Stollenwerk Steering Fish Toward a New Year’s Eve LaunchThe Fish crew is working to get things shipshape.
  14. The Waiting Game
    More Details On Hop Sing Laundromat’s Opening EmergeWith inspections out of the way, an opening is imminent. It’s just that no one’s saying when.
  15. The Waiting Game
    Ulivo’s Opening Postponed [Updated]No new opening date has been announced yet.
  16. The Waiting Game
    Il Pittore’s Opening Gets Pushed BackThough originally penciled in to open today, the restaurant’s debut has been rescheduled.
  17. The Waiting Game
    Birra Pushes Back Its Opening DateThe East Passyunk Ave. project is still getting its liquor license and permits in order.
  18. The Waiting Game
    Birra to Fire Up the Brick Oven ‘By the End of October’The long awaited opening for this East Passyunk Ave. newcomer is expected by the end of October.
  19. The Waiting Game
    Sbraga Opening Saturday; The Paper Is Off the Windows at BirraSeveral restaurants in our fall preview are gearing up to make their debuts.
  20. The Waiting Game
    American Sardine Bar Launches Its Web Presence; Sbraga Starts TakingThe web launch signals a opening must be imminent.
  21. The Waiting Game
    Questlove Dreams of Food Trucks, Seeks Advice From Mario BataliThough rumors of a food truck have been quashed before, Quest was chatting them up with Grub Street Sunday.
  22. The Waiting Game
    You’ll Have to Wait a Little Longer For Quest Loves FoodThe debut of the mysterious food project from the Roots drummer has been pushed back.
  23. The Waiting Game
    Barcade Philly Shoots For an ‘Early September’ OpeningThe long in the works Brooklyn export is reportedly going to finally open its doors sometime next month.
  24. The Waiting Game
    Barcade Isn’t Opening Anytime SoonBarcade is coming to Philly…eventually.
  25. Waiting Game
    Stoddard’s Opening StalledThe Downtown Crossing spot won’t open until February 23.
  26. Waiting Game
    Mayor Menino Isn’t on Team Shake ShackNew legislation could pave the way for restaurants at the Pink Palace and Duck House
  27. Waiting Game
    Vej Naturals Gets a New Name for the New YearWelcome to The Pulse Cafe!
  28. Waiting Game
    Stoddard’s Won’t Open Until Month’s EndYou’ve got to wait until the 28 for your cask ales.
  29. Waiting Game
    The Stakes Are High for MentonWill Menton soar or stumble?
  30. Waiting Game
    Curly Cakes Delivery Is HereTry Todd English’s cupcakes at home now.
  31. Waiting Game
    East by Northeast Could Open Next MonthSoup dumplings! Noodles! Dim sum!
  32. Waiting Game
    Why Coppa Isn’t OpenThe wait for a fire inspection is causing the delay.
  33. Waiting Game
    Don’t Rush Out to Coppa Just YetKen Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette’s stuzzi spot still isn’t open.