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The Tipping Game

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    Blue Hill at Stone Barns Is the Latest Restaurant to Eliminate TippingA 20 percent administrative fee will be added to the $258 bill.
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    Restaurant Owners Continue to Return to Traditional Tipping ModelsPortland’s Le Pigeon and Little Bird are the latest to revert to gratuity.
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    Survey Says More Restaurants Will Go Tip-FreeBut a survey of 503 restaurateurs found that nearly half have either made the change or plan to.
  4. The Tipping Game
    A Popular Neighborhood Trattoria Runs Into Trouble After Eliminating Tips“The industry has been the same way for so long … Of course, it’s been weirdly emotional and frustrating and anxiety-causing.”
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    The Modern’s Most Profitable MonthThe restaurateur says he’s also seen job applications increase across the board.
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    Hillary Clinton Jumps on the No-Tipping BandwagonShe also praised Governor Andrew Cuomo for his support of the Fight for $15.
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    Andrew Tarlow Wants Tip-Free Restaurants to Display This Logo [Updated]He argues a sticker in windows across town “would simplify things tremendously.”
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    Danny Meyer Wants All Hospitality Workers to Earn $15 an Hour“Whatever a legislature decides should be the minimum wage should be the minimum wage for everybody.”
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    Chili’s Takes a Stand Against the Anti-Tipping MovementThe company doesn’t want its servers to forget the meaning of good service, or something.
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    Here Are the NYC Restaurants That Have Eliminated TippingWhere to eat if you want to go all service-included, all the time.
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    Andrew Tarlow Joins the No-Tipping MovementAll of his restaurants will be gratuity-free by the end of next year.
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    Eleven Madison Park Will Eliminate TipsThe restaurant will go service-included in 2016.
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    Danny Meyer’s Hospitality Included Starts TodayIt’s go time at the Modern.
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    Why One NYC Sous-Chef Will Be Happy When Tipping Is Eliminated Forever“Such a radical change in the system will come at a price, and I’m worried and intrigued to see what that is.”
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    Danny Meyer Will Get Rid of Tipping at All of His RestaurantsWithin the next year, he plans to implement a “hospitality included” program and raise wages for employees.