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The Tipping Economy

  1. The Tipping Economy
    Tom Colicchio: ‘10 Years From Now, No One Will Know What a Tip Is’As a mandatory wage increase for tipped workers looms, restaurateurs around New York are rethinking how they pay their staffs.
  2. The Tipping Economy
    How Service Charges Could Fix America’s Tipping ProblemAlinea owner Nick Kokonas explains.
  3. The Tipping Economy
    We Are the 20%: What Tips Mean to Servers, Bartenders, Doormen, and BaristasYour server is definitely judging you.
  4. The Tipping Economy
    Platt: ‘Americans Are Addicted to Tipping’“Mostly we do it because we’re in this zombielike haze.”
  5. The Tipping Economy
    Tipping: The Art of the Money-Flirt“It’s the coolest thing ever.”
  6. The Tipping Economy
    Is It Time to Topple Tipping? Adam Platt Tries (and Fails) to Go Gratuity-FreeI decided to conduct a rash experiment: I would try to dispense cash based on merit rather than out of obligation.