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The Tar Pit

  1. Closings
    The Tar Pit Goes Extinct in HollywoodMark Peel says the landlord is demanding astronomical rents that would “crush us.”
  2. Mediavore
    Roy Choi Cooking with Mark Peel at Tar Pit; Food Network Host Busted for RecipeThe Kogi chef clarifies, “we gonna wreck some shit…”
  3. Mixocalypse
    New York’s Audrey Saunders Bartending at The Spare Room TonightThe noted mixologist, who backed away from her job at The Tar Pit, will celebrate the promotion of bartender Naomi Schimek.
  4. The Other Critics
    Lukshon Gets The Gold; Virbila Visits JulienneThe L.A. Times critic spends a night with some farm-to-table, nose-to-tail dining in Santa Barbara, while L.A. Weekly’s goes crazy for Sang Yoon’s new restaurant.
  5. Closings
    The Point Reaches Its EndMaybe we haven’t earned the right to cheaper Mark Peel cuisine just yet.
  6. Beef
    Little Next Door Diners Get HoundedDog bites waiter at the West Hollywood romantic.
  7. Slideshow
    What You Missed at Taste of Beverly HillsFour days of chef sightings, cooking demos, and wine and cuisine appreciation left a nice taste in the mouths of 90210 residents and guests.
  8. Videofeed
    Peel Previews Taste of Beverly Hills Cooking DemoDespite bad lighting and cheesy intro music, the Campanile and Tar Pit chef cooks bistecca Fiorentina in under two minutes.