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The San Francisco Diet

  1. The San Francisco Diet
    Pastry Maestro Bill Corbett Eats Vegetarian, Loves a Good Avocado, PrefersBehold his San Francisco Diet.
  2. The San Francisco Diet
    Off the Grid’s Matt Cohen Eats a Lot of Truck Food, Also Tuna Poke BowlsIt’s another seven-day San Francisco Diet!
  3. The San Francisco Diet
    The Gilt LifeWhat does Ruth Reichl eat in a week? Pretty much everything, as it turns out.
  4. The Grub Street Diet
    Ruth Reichl Feasts at Mission Chinese Food, Reveals Her Favorite Burrito in L.A.Also she admits to there being one legitimate use of Velveeta in the world, and it’s in that burrito.
  5. The San Francisco Diet
    Bi-Rite’s Sam Mogannam Drinks a Lot of Sightglass Coffee, Loves Tofu BanhRead his full San Francisco Diet from Christmas week.
  6. The Grub Street Diet
    Fox Business Network Anchor Liz Claman Dines Around Silicon Valley’sAlso, The Grill in San Jose is apparently pretty good.
  7. The San Francisco Diet
    SFist’s Brock Keeling Inhales the Mongolian Beef Cheesesteak at HRD, LovesAlso, he blacks out at Zero Zero. Good times.
  8. The San Francisco Diet
    Juhu Beach Club Chef and Top Chef Alum Preeti Mistry Loves Sightglass,Also, she has some ‘meltingly good’ albacore at Canteen.
  9. The San Francisco Diet
    Boz Scaggs Loves Bar Tartine, and Eats Many a Loaf of Acme BreadThe musician and club owner is also a major foodie, and owns a small winery in Napa.
  10. The San Francisco Diet
    Top Chef Alum Jen Biesty Breaks Her Carb Fast, Falls Hard for aThe executive chef at Scala’s does, in fact, watch ‘Top Chef All-Stars.’
  11. The San Francisco Diet
    Jonathan Kauffman: ‘It’s a Wonder I Don’t Have Gout.’“I think I snack the way some people doodle.”
  12. The San Francisco Diet
    Tasting Table Editor Jessica Battilana Likes Her Wines Gutsy, and Her Cookies atAlso, she hits up some new hot spots, in this week’s San Francisco Diet.
  13. The San Francisco Diet
    How the Tablehopper (a.k.a. Marcia Gagliardi) Works Through Turkey Leftovers,The local food maven submits to the San Francisco Diet.
  14. The San Francisco Diet
    Humphry Slocombe’s Jake Godby and Sean Vahey Can’t Get Enough ofIn a SF Diet-esque list, the Godby-Vaheys discuss their faves.
  15. The San Francisco Diet
    S.F. Drag Star Juanita MORE! Loves Herself Some Four Barrel, and Slanted DoorEven our drag queens lunch at Zuni on the regular.
  16. The San Francisco Diet
    How Sommelier and Budding Winemaker Rajat Parr Eats and Drinks His Way ThroughThe sommelier submits to the SF Diet.
  17. The Grub Street Diet
    Catherine Malandrino Actually Eats During Fashion WeekCheck out the designer’s New York Diet.
  18. The San Francisco Diet
    Publicist Andrew Freeman Eats Fries With His Steak Tartare, and Popcorn With HisThe publicist-about-town eats his way to the North Bay and back over the last week.
  19. The San Francisco Diet
    Bar Star Brian MacGregor Likes a Good Slider, and Occasionally a Cocktail WithThe Jardiniere bar manager tells us about his week in food (and drink).
  20. The San Francisco Diet
    The Cooking Channel’s Aida Mollenkamp Is a Girl Who Can Really EatThe host of ‘Ask Aida’ isn’t one of those people who just takes a few bites.
  21. The San Francisco Diet
    Timothy Hollingsworth Ate Some *Really* Spicy Sh*t in SydneyThe French Laundry chef files a San Francisco Diet all about his trip Down Under.
  22. The San Francisco Diet
    Chris Kronner Loves Sebo Almost as Much as Ryan Farr’s BurgersThe young chef, with the help of friends, hits a host of hot spots across town over the course of a week, and tells us all about it.
  23. The San Francisco Diet
    Where Didn’t Michael Bauer Eat This Week?As his food diary shows, the Chron’s stalwart restaurant critic doesn’t even eat breakfast at home.
  24. The New York Diet
    James Oseland Is Pleasantly Suprised by a Diner and a Hospital Cafeteria inThe ‘Top Chef Masters’ judge was recently in the East Bay visiting his mother and penned a couple of impromptu reviews for Grub Street NY.