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The Roasting Plant

  1. The New York Diet
    Aspiring Novelist Katie Lee Leaves No Carb Behind“I have never been to a better dinner party in my life! It was my No Carb Left Behind night.”
  2. The New York Diet
    Musician Ted Leo Perks Up With Jameson and Emergen-C“I’ve been vegetarian since 1988 and a vegan since 1998, and after all that, you hit a certain point where the idea of a veggie burger is really not appealing to you anymore.”
  3. Cool Beans
    The Randolph Installs Coffee Bartenders for ‘Slow’ ServiceA coffee bar that’s more of a “personal, cocktail-like experience.”
  4. Openings
    The Roasting Plant’s Coffee Beans Dance Overhead In the increasingly competitive coffee-shop market, savvy independents keep searching for ways to trounce the Seattle Goliath. Some turn to rock-star baristas, others to the sanctity of their politically correct, sustainably grown beans. Roasting Plant, which opened last week on the Lower East Side, relies on new technology and Wonka-esque spectacle.