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The Quarantine Diet

  1. the quarantine diet
    Comfort Me With BagelsHow our critic found solace at his neighborhood bakery.
  2. the quarantine diet
    Lulu Wang Quarantines With Homemade Stock and Kimchi Pancakes“I’m very aware of not wasting anything.”
  3. the quarantine diet
    J. Kenji López-Alt Quarantines With Carnitas and Breakfast Strata“We eat a lot of pancakes, but not today.”
  4. the quarantine diet
    Julia Turshen Quarantines With Matzoh Brei and Homemade Ricotta“I slid it onto a plate, sprinkled it with flaky salt, and just as I sat down to eat it, one of my best friends FaceTimed me.”
  5. the quarantine diet
    Paul Scheer Quarantines With Canned Wine and Deep-dish Pizza“Eating two of these slices can literally make you have a better day.”
  6. the quarantine diet
    Ruth Reichl Quarantines With Parmesan Stock and Mapo Tofu“I think we’re all much more conscious of the fact that our supplies are scarce.”
  7. the quarantine diet
    Alissa Nutting Quarantines With Anthropomorphic Cereal“It’s a built-in quarantine buddy, almost as if Cinnamon Toast Crunch knew this was coming.”
  8. the quarantine diet
    Samin Nosrat Quarantines With Congee and Cookies“My pup, Fava, foraged for treats on the steps.”