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The Pump Room

  1. Changes
    Vera Likes Mondays, Suckling Pig Sundays at Mercat, LM Kids Menu & MoreStuff is happening all over.
  2. History
    Treasure Trove of Pump Room Celebrities Goes On AuctionVintage Pump Room celebrity photos found in Oregon.
  3. Chefs
    Updates: New Chefs for The Pump Room, Chicago Cut HouseNew chefs for The Pump Room, Chicago Cut House.
  4. The Other Critics
    Pump Room Showdown! Sula: ‘Wildly Divergent Execution,’ Nagrant: ‘A XeroxSula, Nagrant have mixed feelings about the new Pump Room.
  5. Coming Soon
    The New Pump Room to Open on September 12The Pump Room is going to reopen sooner than we thought.
  6. Empire Building
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Takes Over the Pump RoomThe acclaimed chef will hopefully bring some style back to the space.
  7. Renaissances
    Ian Schrager is Going to Sell You the Pump Room’s Sex AppealSchrager officially closes on the Ambassador Hotel.
  8. Closings
    For the Pump Room as We Know It, the End is in SightJanuary 30 is the last day of live music at The Pump Room, and then it gets turned over to the hands of the uber-glitzy hotelier Ian Schrager.
  9. Mediavore
    Mediavore: Glitzing the Pump Room; Love at the TastePlus: Denny’s goes alt-rock, food blogs on CSI.