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The Philadelphia Diet

  1. The Philadelphia Diet
    Illustrator Hawk Krall Freezes His Beans and Drinks Mind-Blowingly Good Beers“I always get the ‘Jarocho Style Eggs’ with a massive pool of refried beans over cheese wrapped crispy tortillas”
  2. The Philadelphia Diet
    Iron Chef Jose Garces Eats Pretty Much Nonstop to Ensure Everything on His Menu“Life’s been a little hectic lately, but I’ve been making an effort to eat a better lunch.”
  3. The Philadelphia Diet
    The Food Network’s Marc Summers Won’t Eat Eyeballs, Intestines or“We were going to go to Amada, another one of my favorite restaurants, but it was Restaurant Week, and I hate freakin’ Restaurant Week.”
  4. The Philadelphia Diet
    Marcie Turney Eats Pizza, Tweaks, Tastes and Eats More Pizza“Back at Barbuzzo it occurs to me that that my staff is not getting younger, I’m just getting older!”
  5. The Philadelphia Diet
    Hip Hop Legend Schoolly D Eats For Three Reasons: Health, Sex and Vanity“I always had good supple skin, but you know, after a couple of hard nights, Schoolly doesn’t look so well.”
  6. The Philadelphia Diet
    After Completing the Master Cleanse, Fergie Experiments with Green Tea and“Then I sparked up big fat doobie to start the monitoring for High Times magazine’s “Hippie Diet”.”
  7. The Philadelphia Diet
    Fork Chef Terence Feury Keeps Cooks in Line with His Tasting Spoon of Terror“What the hell? I’ll have another pork sandwich today.”
  8. The Philadelphia Diet
    Sampan’s Michael Schulson Alleviates Restaurant-Related Stress with a“It’s just a little bit crunchy, but really soft and absorbs all of the grease. Does that sound repulsive or delicious?”
  9. The Philadelphia Diet
    Jonathan Newman Finds Having a Banana or Two Makes Tasting 70 Wines a Little“How do you make a small fortune in the wine industry? Start with a large fortune!”
  10. The Philadelphia Diet
    Zahav’s Mike Solomonov Balances His Fondness for Schmaltz-Fried Latkes By Eating“I ate a really sh***y pear earlier today and I was like, everyone has to take a bite of this, it’s awful. Just so I don’t have to suffer by myself.”
  11. The Philadelphia Diet
    Stephanie Reitano of Capogiro Makes Her La Colombe Coffee in a Stovetop“I had Pequea Valley yogurt and Capogiro granola - we make the granola in-house - plus a handful of dried cherries and figs and four cups of La Colombe coffee. I really love coffee. It’s lifeblood.”
  12. The Philadelphia Diet
    Shola Olunloyo Drinks Jimi Hendricks, Makes Lemon-Brie Ice Creams“Brie and lemon curd, who knew? I decided it needed to be an ice cream flavor and 48 hours later, bada bing!”