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The New Kid

  1. Let’s Do Lunch
    Superba Starts Friday Lunch and Weekend Brunch, Gets Big-Ups From BeshaWe’re excited for mole meatball sandwiches and a new burger.
  2. The New Kid
    Rodell Gives Juan’s Restaurante a Second LookThe moles blow the critic away, while other dishes are too weird, as Besha takes her first step into Gold turf.
  3. The New Kid
    Rodell Rallies ‘Round Tar & RosesThe restaurant is doing the same old small plates and market-stalking, but with more honesty than most of the others, she concludes.
  4. The Other Critics
    Industriel Grates on Gold’s Nerves; Scattergood Stoked on Avalon GrilleThe L.A. Weekly editor susses out Catalina’s “most ambitious restaurant.”
  5. The New Kid
    Rodell Underwhelmed By Short Order BurgerL.A.’s new critic turns her direct approach on the good, but “not great” burgers at Nancy Silverton and Amy Pressman’s place.
  6. The Other Critics
    Gold Shouts Out Shunji; Rodell Revels in L&E Oyster BarIncreasingly, the Matsuhisa veteran is being praised for his produce more than his sashimi.
  7. The Other Critics
    Besha Rodell Glorifies Mezze; Gold Returns to Next Door by JosieThe L.A. Weekly critic gives Micah Wexler the standing ovation he deserves.
  8. The New Kid
    Besha Rodell Tickled by IndustrielThe critic is confused by the concept and not impressed by the food.
  9. The New Kid
    Besha Bids Auf Wiedersehen to SpagoThe critic bemoans a lack of culinary tourists, certain that the cooking here is “flawless.”
  10. The New Kid
    Rodell Reviews The Hits and Misses at Maison GiraudFortunately for the French chef, the mistakes appear fixable.
  11. Superlatives
    Why Driving 45 Minutes Just for Ramen Makes L.A. ‘The Best’Eating in L.A. is almost as much about the journey as it is about the destination.
  12. Quote of the Day
    Besha Rodell on L.A. ObsessionsThe new critic says L.A. is obsessed with authenticity and pinpointing the “best.”
  13. The New Kid
    Besha Rodell Tangles With ink.’s Balance of Style and SubstanceL.A.’s new critic calls Michael Voltaggio’s first restaurant “Pure Hollywood,” with pretty dishes that don’t always taste spectacular.
  14. The Other Critics
    Sherry Seduced by Freddy Smalls; Besha Meets Hoodie Brigade at Mother DoughL.A. Weekly’s new critic throws out a tired Portlandia joke and receives a nasty online comment.
  15. The New Kid
    Rodell Rounds Up Local Foie BoostersMicah Wexler worries about the precedent being set, while Michael Voltaggio is excited for the challenge a ban may present.
  16. The New Kid
    Besha Rodell Reviews The Hits and Misses at Post & BeamL.A.’s new restaurant critic offers her first full restaurant review.
  17. The New Kid
    L.A.’s New Restaurant Critic Unrolls Her Plan of AttackThe critic will follow the rules as established by Craig Claiborne.