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The Nanny State

  1. The Nanny State
    NYC Can Start Fining Restaurants for Salt-Label ViolationsA court gave the go-ahead while the legal battle rages on.
  2. Lawsuits
    Judge Denies Lawsuit to Block NYC’s Salt WarningsIt applies to dishes with at least 2,300 milligrams of sodium.
  3. Food Fight
    The National Restaurant Association Plans to Sue the DOH Over Salt LabelingThe group says the new rule goes too far beyond traditional government oversight.
  4. The Nanny State
    New York’s Chains to Begin Salt-Shaming Customers This WeekThe rule, requiring a scary emblem next to salty food, takes effect on Tuesday.
  5. The Nanny State
    Will Salt Warnings Mean the End of Movie-Theater Pretzels in New York?But popcorn is safe, somehow.
  6. The Nanny State
    New York Set to Be America’s First City to Add Salt Warnings to MenusThe Board of Health is expected to approve the measure today.
  7. The Nanny State
    Now New York Wants to Slap Labels on Salty Fast FoodIt’s only a matter of time before a gelatinous blob appears next to fatty items.