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  1. the feeding tube
    You Can’t Unsee Colbert Mocking Trump’s Bedtime-Burger ObsessionIt involves licking Special Sauce alone in his White House bedroom.
  2. video feed
    Michael Ian Black’s Theory About Trump’s Victory Involves Subway SandwichesWatch and learn.
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    Watch April Bloomfield Charm America With Her Burger-Making Mastery“This is like beef-on-beef.”
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    Stephen Colbert Cooks With League of Kitchens“Thank you so much for inviting me to eat with you and for teaching me that there are no cultural differences that cannot be bridged by a giant stick of butter.”
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    Stephen Colbert Takes on Cancer-Causing Meat and Anthony Bourdain“How can cured meat be bad for you? It’s got cured right in the name.”