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The L.a. Times

  1. Frankenfood
    The L.A. Times Recommends Voting ‘No’ on Prop. 37The paper stands in direct opposition to Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Mario Batali.
  2. Oh Sherry
    A Critical Exchange: Anonymity For An Upstairs Table? [Updated]Are critics announcing their arrivals at restaurants now, or just making reservations over Twitter?
  3. Beef
    Miffed Orange County Chef Bites Back at The L.A. TimesDavid Slay of Park Avenue sets the record straight on Stanton dining.
  4. The L.A. Times Building
    Big Changes Afoot For L.A. Times Food SectionFood will be folded into a “lifestyle” section while the paper’s finally putting up a paywall online.
  5. The Gold Watch
    J. Gold To Tackle Reviews at L.A. Times, Elina Shatkin Also Leaving L.A.The loss of another foodie ace-in-the-hole leaves more giant shoes to be filled for Village Voice Media.
  6. Mediavore
    FDA Warns 1-800-GET-THIN Over Misleading Ads; Toxic Bloom Spells Doom forThe agency wants the cheery lap-band commercials to change their tune, insisting they skip the serious side of the risky surgery.