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The Hump

  1. Crime Scenes
    Restaurant Will Pay $28K Fine After Knowingly Serving Whale MeatThe makers of The Cove helped undercover agents order the sushi back in 2010.
  2. Mediavore
    Protests in Uganda Over Food Prices; Lap-Band Maker Wants to Target TeensAllergan, the company behind the quick-fix for weight-loss, wants to market the product to kids as young as fourteen.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Gardena Seafood Source To Plead Guilty on Whale Meat ChargeGinichi Y. Ohira will admit to a court that he had been illegally importing whale meat from Japan.
  4. Openings and Closings
    In Case You Missed ItA rundown of what’s open and closed in 2010.
  5. Food Fights
    Speaking of Fights…The Top 10 Food Fights of 2010.
  6. Openings
    Typhoon Sweeps The Hump Under The Rug By Opening Pan-Am RoomPan-Latin cuisine and ceviche will be served, along with a big tequila selection.
  7. Crime Scenes
    Charges Might Be Dropped on Whale Meat CrimeAn investigation is still open, even if The Hump is cleared for now.
  8. Rants
    S. M. Daily Press Chortles at Dead Whales and Triple HomicideBad jokes about pregnant murder victims are out-of-touch given a recent neighborhood tragedy.
  9. Radio Craves
    ‘True Story’ Behind The Hump Bust on KCRW TomorrowHear the undercover activist who slipped an endangered edible into her purse discuss the sting.
  10. Mediavore
    Local Cheesemonger Writes Memoir; A Happy Meal Does Not Decompose After One Year
  11. Closings
    The Hump Closes Itself as a ‘Self-Imposed Punishment’Busted for serving whale meat, the Santa Monica airport’s sushi restaurant shutters.
  12. Crime Scenes
    The Hump Says ‘Sorry’ to Whale LoversThe Santa Monica restaurant busted for serving illegal whale meat issues a public statement.
  13. Crime Scenes
    Whale Wars Team Brings Pennywise and Reel Big Fish to Protest The HumpA Santa Monica sushi restaurant is ready to pay a fine for selling whale meat while a protest looms.
  14. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold’s Brother Goes After The Hump for Whale CrimesMark Gold runs Heal the Bay and wants The Hump closed after selling whale meat.
  15. Crime Scenes
    The Cove Filmmakers Bust Restaurant for Serving WhaleThe Hump restaurant could face criminal charges for an illegal delicacy.