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The Half King

  1. Openings
    First Look at the Anchored Inn, Bushwick’s New Nautical DiveA couple of Half King bartenders swim out on their own tomorrow night.
  2. Happy Birthday to You
    The Half King Turns TenA decade without having to move to Brooklyn!
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Summer Ends, Even for Rich PeopleSee where the celebrities have been eating, in our weekly roundup of sightings!
  4. Slideshow
    Former Brothel and Saloon Is Reborn As the GlobeA longtime Half King bartender now has his own place with his brother, a drinkslinger at Swift Hibernian.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Our Weird Bill Murray Sighting Was Just the Tip of the IcebergApparently the guy is a “ghost” who spends his time “trawling for serendipity in the New York night.”
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Tom and Gisele Lock Lips at Nobu, ‘Full House’ Cast and the B-52sEarlier this week we linked to a Daily News item claiming Padma Lakshmi rudely refused complimentary dishes from Fiamma’s chef. A commenter wrote, “I was at Fiamma the night Padma was dining there and it absolutely did NOT go down that way. When the dishes arrived at the table, she thanked them profusely and apologized for being too full to eat any of them!” Whatever happened, Padma was just one of many celebs to chow down (or at least show up) at local restaurants this week, and here’s our gossip-column compendium of just who went where.