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The Grub Street Diet

  1. the grub street diet
    Bon Appétit’s Elazar Sontag Celebrates With Wings and Waffles“It should taste as much like Wingstop’s version as possible.”
  2. the grub street diet
    Adam Pally Is His Family’s Short-Order Cook“I’m fielding cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger. Flipping stuff. A million pots burning.”
  3. the grub street diet
    Novelist Xochitl Gonzalez Always Has Capers on Hand“Capers are your bitchy friend who can’t keep their mouth shut.”
  4. the grub street diet
    Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath Wants the Weird Appetizers“If there’s a bad app, I’ve gotta try it.”
  5. the grub street diet
    Kashana Cauley Will Drive an Hour for the Right Yogurt“I believe in good yogurt more than other people believe in God.”
  6. the grub street diet
    Highsnobiety’s Willa Bennett Is Thinking About Her Overnight Oats“I’ve never tried to make the oats while I’m away. It wouldn’t be the same.”
  7. the grub street diet
    Planet Money’s Jack Corbett Loves a Sale at the Grocery Store“I’m a bargain shopper, aside from my $18 pine nuts.”
  8. year in review
    Our 10 Favorite Grub Street Diets of 2022David Sedaris, Broti Gupta, Bobby Finger, and more.
  9. the grub street diet
    Novelist Sam Lipsyte Cleaves His Peppers“I’m in a cleaver mood.”
  10. the grub street diet
    SNL’s Punkie Johnson Leaves the After-Party for Taco Bell“Taco Bell, for me, is an every-Saturday stop.”
  11. the grub street diet
    Andy Baraghani Likes Some Lumps in His Potatoes“This recipe has three kinds of dairy — labneh, cream, and butter — which I don’t think is overkill.”
  12. the grub street diet
    Jeremiah Moss Wishes Arturo’s Would Open Earlier“I feel like I’m betraying myself somehow when I eat nice food.”
  13. the grub street diet
    Margo Price Stops for Tacos in Texas and Katz’s in New York“Tonight we might get stoned and go eat a hot dog.”
  14. the grub street diet
    Zosia Mamet Shares Swedish Fish With Her Horse“I ride my horse pretty much every day, and I’m terrified of getting hungry.”
  15. the grub street diet
    Cake Zine Co-founder Tanya Bush Sneaks Peanut M&M’s“One of the principal joys in life, I believe, is eating contraband candy in theaters.”
  16. the grub street diet
    Joe Coscarelli Eats Like an Unruly Child“I stop for some candy I know I will want later when I’m a little drunk.”
  17. the grub street diet
    Dan Souza Is Strategic With His Chowder“My goal is to eat the crackers once they’ve soaked up a little bit of the soup, but before they sog out.”
  18. the grub street diet
    Broti Gupta Dips Her Fries in Mashed Potatoes“I will answer for this act of potato cannibalism on Judgment Day.”
  19. the grub street diet
    Stephanie J. Block Celebrates Taco Tuesday on Monday“Our whole place kind of smells like a Mexican restaurant.”
  20. the grub street diet
    Bobby Finger Is Excited to Eat Indoors Again“Put me as close to people as possible. Put me at the bar. Put me behind the bar.”
  21. the grub street diet
    Karen Chee Is Looking Forward to Her Morning Egg“Peeling the shell is like unwrapping a gift.”
  22. the grub street diet
    Emma Steiger Eats Dinner at 3:30 — and Again at 10:45“Even when we ordered, we knew it was too much food.”
  23. the grub street diet
    Galen Druke Has Been Getting Into Protein Shakes“This is probably the most embarrassing part of my diet I’ll admit to, so I might as well get it out of the way up front.”
  24. the grub street diet
    Morgan Jerkins Buys Her Snacks Before the Edibles Hit“Who wants to walk around the corner when you’re really stoned?”
  25. the grub street diet
    Sculptor Brandon Ndife Doesn’t Break for Lunch“I found myself a bit famished because I was in the zone.”
  26. the grub street diet
    L Morgan Lee Searches for the Joy in Dinner“I had my first bite and felt my spirit start to stir.”
  27. the grub street diet
    Filmmaker Rebeca Huntt Is Serious About Breakfast“I made my oatmeal pancakes and watched Before Sunrise.
  28. the grub street diet
    Sarah Thankam Mathews Eats Lychees on the Beach“I feel a happiness so intense and sudden it leaves me gelatinous.”
  29. the grub street diet
    Jacqueline Novak Prefers the Big Bags of Chips“This all goes back to the source bag, the Tostitos bag of my youth, humongous, the size of my torso.”
  30. the grub street diet
    Author Isaac Fitzgerald Likes Warm Eggs and Tepid Coffee“I ain’t much of a cook, but morning meals I can do.”
  31. the grub street diet
    Ada Calhoun Isn’t Picky About Restaurants“I like going out to eat, but it doesn’t really matter where.”
  32. the grub street diet
    Rachel Antonoff Names Her Pies“I’m like, ‘Do you prefer Bob or Judy?’”
  33. the grub street diet
    Dog Researcher Alexandra Horowitz Consumes ‘Prodigious’ Amounts of Fruit“A mealy peach is an insult to the mouth.”
  34. the grub street diet
    Chef Ayo Balogun Celebrates With Pancakes and Coca-Cola“It’s like my own Champagne — we bust out the Coca-Cola”
  35. the grub street diet
    Alex Edelman Is Trying to Find His Breakfast Routine“I congratulated myself mid-prep for being so adult and responsible.”
  36. the grub street diet
    David Sedaris Eats Until He Hates Himself“Too much lunch puts me in a stupor, but at night, I really take the gloves off.”
  37. the grub street diet
    Elif Batuman Wants Her Tea to Taste Like Candy“You’re basically drinking a bowl of Apple Jacks.”
  38. the grub street diet
    Eliot Glazer Looks for a Crunchy Quesadilla“It’s like having that burnt cheese on a pizza.”
  39. the grub street diet
    Rick Martínez Enjoys a Big Gathering“My ultimate fear in life is that I’m going to have a party and no one’s going to show up.”
  40. the grub street diet
    Kilolo Strobert Loves That Breakfast Offers Unlimited Possibilities“You can eat anything you want!”
  41. the grub street diet
    Joel Kim Booster Has Mastered ‘Blender Chicken’It’s an old-school bodybuilder thing that I saw on YouTube one time.”
  42. the grub street diet
    Lady Bunny Gets Her Quesadillas From a Phantom Taco Truck“It’s rumored to be closed, but it still sometimes appears at odd hours.”
  43. the grub street diet
    Molly Lambert Goes Feral for Smoked Salmon“I like anything you have to rip apart with your claws.”
  44. the grub street diet
    Rex Chapman Ate Turkey Chili Every Day for a Year“I’m just weird like that.”
  45. the grub street diet
    Chef Shenarri Freeman Is Tired of New York Fruit Prices“The fruit is so much better in other places. It’s also cheaper — or free.”
  46. the grub street diet
    Eric Kim Knows the Best Moment to Crack an Egg“You get this beautiful eggshell that peels off like snakeskin.”
  47. the grub street diet
    Hrishikesh Hirway Has Finally Found His Signature Cookie“This cookie has been a dream since I watched the first season of The Great British Bake Off.
  48. the grub street diet
    Comedian Janelle James Grew Up in Her Dad’s Restaurant“I’ve made meatballs on an assembly line in my house, you know what I mean?”
  49. the grub street diet
    Chad Moore Got Hooked on Mozzarella Sticks During COVID“I’d never considered them before.”
  50. the grub street diet
    Author Julia May Jonas Keeps a Secret Stash of Frozen Cake“Even bad cake is good cake.”
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