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The Great British Bake Off

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    The Great British Baking Show Holiday Special Is Perfect TV NothingnessIt arrives on Netflix a year late — and it’s an ideal balm for 2020.
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    In the End, The Great British Baking Show Brought Me to TearsIt’s time for the finale of the weirdest season in Great British history.
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    Did It Really Have to Be This Way, Great British Baking Show?It’s Pâtisserie Week and it’s all just too much.
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    The Great British Baking Show Is Best When It Is Very, Very British“Take me to a British lemon bog! Make me a preindustrial mutton-fat pudding with an entire rindy lemon in the middle of it!”
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    Has The Great British Baking Show Gotten Too Weird?What does “’80s Week” even mean in the context of pastry?
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    The 5 Biggest Problems With This Week’s Great British Baking ShowIt was not necessarily the best week in the tent.
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    The Great British Baking Show Was Never Going to Save UsPerhaps we’ve been asking too much of Paul Hollywood and the gang.
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    The World Is Unthinkably Bleak. The Great British Baking Show Soldiers On.Yes of course everything is terrible, but on the other hand, Battenberg cake!
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    Here’s the New Host of Great British Bake OffMatt Lucas is best known for his roles in Little Britain and Bridesmaids.
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    Sandi Toksvig Is Leaving The Great British Bake-Off After 3 SeasonsThe Danish-born Brit will focus on other duties at the Channel 4 network.
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    The Paul Hollywood Handshake Is the Absolute WorstPaul’s signature move has gone from a cute gesture to a threat to The Great British Baking Show as we know it. It must end.
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    The Great British Bake-Off Returns to Netflix on August 30For the first time, episodes will stream on Netflix three days after they air in the United Kingdom.
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    Classic British Desserts Make a Surprising Comeback — Here’s Where to Try ThemA handy guide to the sudden resurgence of UK-born desserts at restaurants around New York City.
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    Making Sense of The Great British Baking Show’s Insane American Season NumbersNetflix’s organization is messier than a broken buttercream.
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    The Great British Baking Show Is Back — and It’s a Very Welcome Dose of KindnessThe latest series debuts Friday on Netflix, just weeks after it wrapped up in the U.K.
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    The Great British Baking Show’s New Season Debuts on Netflix Next MonthSeason nine, which aired earlier this year, will premiere on Netflix on November 9.
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    What Happens When You Win a Cooking Show That Nobody Can Watch?Vallery Lomas is working to get the recognition she should already have.
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    The Great British Baking Show Is Back — But Is It Still Good?A superfan weighs in on some big changes for the show that essentially defines British culture.
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    England Shaken to Its Core After Great British Bake Off Winner Gets Leaked Early“Oh god, what has Prue done?”
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    Does the World Need a Great British Bake Off Rival Show?The BBC reportedly thinks it might.
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    Mary Berry Will Leave The Great British Bake OffPaul Hollywood is the only member of the original crew left.
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    American Baking Competition’s Paul Hollywood on Judging the“It’s not aggressive; it’s quite passive. It’s got a feel-good factor to it, like a warm blanket on a winter’s night, or like a comfortable pair of slippers that you know do the job.”
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    Why You (Maybe) Should Be Watching The American Baking CompetitionWhat seems at first to be a cookie-cutter TV show may turn out to be a game-changer.
  24. The Feeding Tube
    American Version of The Great British Bake Off Coming to CBSGive it time to rise.