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  1. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Reviews of Russ & Daughters Cafe, Dover, and The GorbalsThis week’s roundup.
  2. Coming Soon
    Ilan Hall’s the Gorbals Opens July 22 at Urban Outfitters in WilliamsburgGet ready for some “mildly obscure” food!
  3. Coming Soon
    Ilan Hall’s the Gorbals Confirmed for Williamsburg’s UrbanFinally, unicorn wristbands and crispy chicken in the same convenient location.
  4. Coming Soon
    Ilan Hall Opening the Gorbals in WilliamsburgThe former ‘Top Chef’ winner has not yet revealed the restaurant’s exact location.
  5. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Cooks Velociraptor Eggs With His Bacon-Powered Time MachineThe chef’s funny fake bio gets rejected but is too priceless not to print.
  6. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Comes Straight Outta Comptoir; Goes Cyco at Neptune’s NetThe L.A. Weekly critic writes, “for the first time, the most interesting places in Little Tokyo are not necessarily Japanese.”
  7. Mediavore
    Coffee Eases Depression in Women; Chicken Skin Has Its MomentOf course, if you eat at The Gorbals and ink.sack, you’d already know the pleasures of this newly trendy ingredient.
  8. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Lends a Hand at Urbano Pizza BarThe chef has added some new wood-fired dishes to the Neapolitan pie maker’s menu.
  9. Mediavore
    Grocery Workers Reject Proposed Health Benefits; Spices May Fight Fatty FoodsA strike is looming for Southern California’s major grocery chains.
  10. Just Launched
    FoodMafia.com Launches in L.A.The site’s a little anemic to start, but might have some potential if it gets enough heavies as users.
  11. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Jokes About His Currently Concept-Less Second RestaurantFunnier still, Eater seems to have bought it.
  12. Foodies With Benefits
    Score a Deep Discount for Plate-By-Plate at J Lounge$100 tickets will be offered to one of the town’s biggest tasting events for one night only next Friday.
  13. Fry Guys
    Are These Really L.A.’s Weirdest Fries Or Just Regional Classics?The selections aren’t really as strange as they sound, but they do reflect a lot about what L.A. is cooking and eating these days.
  14. Foodies With Benefits
    Who Will Be at This Sunday’s Gold Standard EventIt might be the only event where Tacos Baja Ensenada and Vincenti share the same space.
  15. Video Feed
    Ilan Hall Shows His Jazz HandsSomeone creates a Facebook page showing the Top Chef winner dancing at his dorkiest.
  16. Reopenings
    Alexandria Hotel Further Rehabs Its Image With Coronado’s, Now Open in DowntownWe have to thank Garrett Morris for starting the once cracky hotel on the long road to retribution.
  17. Neighborhood Watch
    Cabbage Patch Comes Downtown; Loteria Looking at Third Street PromenadeBoth Jimmy Shaw and Samir Mohajer’s empires grow in different directions.
  18. Foodies with Benefits
    The Chefs from Fig, The Gorbals, Bottega Marino, Spago, and Nobu Unite TomorrowThe chef super group is raising funds for St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels by each contributing one dish.
  19. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Explores The Impact of Celebrity on CookingSusan Feniger, Ludo Lefebvre, Ilan Hall, and Nancy Silverton discuss Julia Child’s ability to drink, Rick Bayless shilling for Burger King, and who really deserves to be a celebrity chef.
  20. Rants
    N.Y. Times Intrepidly Ventures ‘A Few Miles East on the 10’ to Eat inA long list of new restaurants and classics are omitted as the Gray Lady “discovers” Downtown destination dining.
  21. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Water Cooler Issue Nearly Turned Gorbals Partnership PunchyIlan Hall and partner Natan Zion nearly duked it out from frustration.
  22. Temporary Closings
    Magnolia Bakery Closes For The WeekTechnical problems, not health violations, are said to be the cause.
  23. Slideshow
    The Los Angeles Sandwich RegisterIn a big sandwich town, these are carving out their own legends.
  24. Dinner
    The Gorbals Starts ‘Tasting Tuesdays’ TonightIlan Hall and Luke Reyes will head to the market and improv $30 menus each week.
  25. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Pigs Out Again for Downtown’s ArtWalkIlan Hall will bring Scottish bagpipe players and sidewalk suckling pig to his Downtown restaurant.
  26. Mediavore
    Ilan Hall Gets Hate Mail; Edible Frogs and Turtles BannedThe Gorbals is accused of being sacrilegious and two popular Asian delicacies are off California’s menu.
  27. The Other Critics
    The Gorbals Gets Gold’s Nod for Best Fries; Forage Refuses His FruitIlan Hall gets a mixed review from L.A. Weekly, Forage follows.
  28. The Other Critics
    The Gorbals Grabs Virbila’s Heart; Gold Shoots Down Foodie ‘Snuff’Ilan Hall’s cooking gets more rave reviews, and Jonathan Gold looks at edible unmentionables.
  29. User’s Guide
    What’s New at dineLA Restaurant WeekA chance to try the city’s latest arrives again at a discount.
  30. The Other Critics
    The Gorbals Gives Gold Good Pub Grub; La Cachette Bistro Blows It with VirbilaIlan Hall’s small restaurant gets good grades with two critics.
  31. Freebies
    What Ilan Hall Will Feed You For Free This WeekThe Top Chef winner will appear for three evenings with free food.
  32. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Misses the Momentum of (His First) Opening DayThe Gorbals is suffering from its early setbacks.
  33. Slideshow
    Slideshow: Ten New Soups to Eat This WinterThese new soups will keep you full and warm this winter.
  34. Lunch
    The Gorbals Serves Lunch, Starting TomorrowIlan Hall’s The Gorbals has new dishes and new hours.
  35. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall’s The Gorbals Will Reopen This SaturdayThe Gorbals appears to have finally overcome its obstacles.
  36. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef’s Brian Malarkey Plans First Restaurant, Cow TesticlesHis first venture, also featuring burgers and hot dogs, will be in San Diego.
  37. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Brings a Real Pig to The GorbalsIlan Hall opened his Gorbals for a special treat last night.
  38. Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Mixes Up a ‘Classic L.A. Combination’Jonathan Gold on The Descendants and Weinerschnitzel.
  39. Foodievents
    The 27th American Wine and Food Festival is Back, October 3rdThe lineup for Wolfgang Puck’s stunning wine and food festival.
  40. Temporary Closings
    The Gorbals is Temporarily Closed by Health DepartmentThe Gorbals gets shut-down temporarily.
  41. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Wants to See L.A.’s Top Chef Competitor Taken DownIlan Hall wouldn’t mind watching Michael Voltaggio lose Top Chef to his older brother, Bryan.
  42. Trends
    Famous Chefs Serve Family RecipesThese big-name chefs in L.A. use family meals as inspiration.
  43. Openings
    What to Eat at The Gorbals, Delayed Until the WeekendThe Gorbals grand opening is delayed.
  44. Slideshow
    Slideshow: Premiere of Ilan Hall’s The GorbalsTop Chef season two winner Ilan Hall shows Downtown Los Angeles his food….finally.
  45. Openings
    The Gorbals Previews TonightWe’re one step closer to seeing what Ilan Hall’s had up his sleeves for two years.
  46. Top Chef Alumni
    The Gorbals Gets ‘Signed’The Gorbals raises a flag on Spring Street.
  47. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Cooks at Canele TonightSneak peek of Ilan Hall’s menu at Atwater Restaurant
  48. Updates
    Gorbal’s Watch: Menu on the Way
  49. Top Chef
    Checking In With Ilan Hall and Stephanie IzardFinally, details about Ilan Hall’s “Old Jewish food date-raped by bacon” restaurant. Plus, Stephanie Izard is inspired by Taco Bell?
  50. Coming Soon
    The Gorbals Is Coming: Ilan Hall Reveals Bacon-Wrapped Matzoh and MoreIlan Hall’s long-awaited restaurant seems to be continuing apace.