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  1. The Future
    The FDA Just Approved Genetically Modified Salmon for Human ConsumptionThe biotech company behind the fish says it could be on the market in two years.
  2. The Future
    Experts Are Working to Make Seaweed the Next Kale“Plentiful, healthy, and virtuous, kelp is the culinary equivalent of an electric car.”
  3. Future Of Food
    An All-Insect Restaurant Will Open in LondonGet ready for worm burgers.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Domino’s Built a Futuristic Delivery Car That Has Its Own OvenIt can carry 80 pizzas at one time.
  5. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Has Hired Its First-Ever Chief Technology OfficerAn executive from Adobe is coming aboard to help “power Starbucks into the future.”
  6. The Future
    NASA Is Spending $200,000 to See If Poop Can Be Turned Into FoodWho’ll draw the short straw on taste-testing this?
  7. The Future
    An Astronaut Finally Ate Space Lettuce and He’s Totally FineEasily the most groundbreaking greens-related news of this generation.
  8. The Future
    NASA Is Running Farm-to-Table Lettuce Experiments in SpaceThey want to make space lettuce “a palatable, nutritious, and safe source of fresh food.”
  9. War On Noodles
    Mad Scientists Invent Hot-Noodle Vending MachineYet these same inventors seem to think the machines will be able to replace noodle shops — which does not sound okay because noodle shops are the best.
  10. The Future
    Cars of the Future Will Be Able to Buy Your Coffee for YouApparently, there’s a good chance it’ll be from McDonald’s.
  11. The Future
    Meet the 27-Year-Old Shishito-Pepper Baron of New YorkNoah Robbins is on a quest to change the way we eat by applying Silicon Valley-like data analysis to commercial farming.
  12. The Future
    Here’s a New Peugeot Van Specifically Designed to Be a Food TruckIt looks like something out of Transformers.
  13. The Future
    You’ll Almost Definitely Be Able to Order Fast Food With Your Apple WatchThose health-monitoring features are going to come in extra handy.
  14. The Future
    You Can Now Pick Up Your Personal Packages at Waffle HouseThe chain has partnered with a start-up called Roadie.
  15. The Future
    Will Whole Foods Enter the Legal-Weed Business?One industry analyst says, “Whole Foods could be the Whole Foods of cannabis.”
  16. The Future
    Has Google Invented the Spoon of the Future?It made a genius no-spill utensil for people with tremors.
  17. Harder Better Stronger Quikker
    Nestlé Is Developing a Diet Drink That Burns Fat Without CardioInstead of a 20-minute jog, how about cardio in a can?
  18. The Future
    Starbucks Will Roll Out Coffee Delivery Next YearChief executive Howard Schultz says customers will be able to order lattes through the chain’s app.
  19. Death Of The Salesman
    Nestlé Will ‘Hire’ Thousands of Robots to Sell Its CoffeeIt should work well, the company explains, because they understand “70 to 80 percent of spontaneous conversations.”
  20. The Future
    Starbucks Gets One Step Closer to Having Your Drinks Ready the Moment You ArriveIt won’t be long before the Starbucks app knows everything about you, but at least your drink will be hot when you get these.
  21. Video Feed
    This Coffee-Making Robot Is the World’s Worst BaristaIt can whip up a Nespresso in about three minutes.
  22. The Future
    A Start-up Has Invented Veggie Burgers That ‘Bleed’Right now, the medium-rare burger costs $20 each to make.
  23. Bottoms Up
    Here Is the World’s First Levitating CocktailFrom the maker of Viagra ice cream, of course.
  24. The Future
    Surge Pricing Is Coming for Your Meal Deliveries NextThis way, eating at mealtimes can cost you even more.
  25. The Future
    Uber Begins Testing 10-Minute Food DeliveryMaybe prepare for $35 surge-priced chicken-noodle soup.
  26. The Future
    Soldiers Can Look Forward to 3-D Printing All of Their Meals in War ZonesPossibly using ingredients “they could forage for,” you know, out there in the field.
  27. The Future
    Flour Made of Crickets Exists, and It’s Incredibly ExpensiveTyler Florence says it “tastes like dark toast.”
  28. Tims
    Tim Hortons Makes Plans to Serve Coffee-Flavored Beer and Nutella TurnoversBut the company’s craziest concept idea is probably unisex bathrooms.
  29. Locavores Rejoice
    We’re This Close to Being Able to Grow Fruits and Vegetables onMen may be from Venus but he heirloom vegetables are in fact from Mars.
  30. The Future
    Cadbury Unveils Facebook-Powered Chocolate Vending MachineWhy choose a flavor when a machine mining Facebook data can do it for you?
  31. Pod People
    Nestlé Is Working on a Nespresso Machine for Soylent-Like DrinksHow about a $1,000 meal replacement to go with your $51-per-pound single serve?
  32. The Future
    Airbnb Starts Marketplace That Turns Homes Into Not-So-Secret Supper ClubsFor hosts eager to violate both the health codes and the hotel laws.
  33. Glasshole Nation
    Google Glass User Who Railed Against East Village Restaurant Invited Back InEverybody has calmed down.
  34. Glasshole Nation
    Google Glass Users Gang Up on East Village Restaurant by Posting Really Mean“Luddites can’t serve good food.”
  35. The Future
    Chuck E. Cheese Locations Test Oculus Rift ‘Ticket Blasters’Birthday parties will never be the same.
  36. The Future
    Grocery-Aisle-Synched Apps May Soon Influence the Way You Make Spaghetti40,000 “tracking beacons” will be in Safeway grocery stores by next year.
  37. Video Feed
    The OreoBot Exists, and It Is Surprisingly CaptivatingWhy buy Oreos from the store when you can have your robot make them for free?
  38. The Future
    Bitcoin Now Accepted at Staten Island Wine StoreIt’s all about having options.
  39. The Future
    Push-Button Pizza-Delivery Device Seeks Beta TestersCool idea, or extra cheesy?
  40. The Future
    Listen to David Chang’s Track on the New Deltron 3030 Album“I can cook anything; customers only want beet salads and pork buns.”
  41. The Future
    Manhattan Finally Getting the Cupcake ATM It’s Been Missing All TheseIt’s about time.
  42. Happy Hour
    Genius Scientists Figure Out How to Distill Alcohol From CoffeeThe resulting booze had “features of a pleasant beverage, with smell and taste of coffee.”
  43. The Future
    Upper East Side Resident Floats Ridiculous Plan for Street Vendor ConformityMaybe they should also be forced to wear uniforms!
  44. Food Safety
    There May Be a Few Stray Nanoparticles in Your Morning Doughnut“We’re not taking a no nano position.”
  45. The Future
    Ray Kurzweil Says Go Ahead and Gorge on Those Cool Ranch Doritos All You WantNanobots will also copyedit your Yelp reviews.
  46. The Future
    GrubHub Introduces New Delivery Tracking OptionsWhere’s my pizza now?
  47. The Future
    ‘Hypoallergenic’ Milk Doesn’t Sound Like It’s Worth theCan’t we just leave milk alone?
  48. The Future
    Forget Letter Grades: Here Come Health Report QR CodesGo ahead, scan those Health Department inspection grades.
  49. The Future
    Highly Organized Sustainable Food Is Next, Former McDonald’s ExecutiveIn Palo Alto, a former McDonald’s COO engineers the future of fast food, from the ground up.
  50. The Future
    Live Ants Invade NomaRené Redzepi likes the “acidity” of the insects, paired with yogurt.
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