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The Four Seasons

  1. closings
    The Power Lunch Is Officially DeadThe Four Seasons will close for good, less than a year after reopening.
  2. sexual harassment
    Julian Niccolini Has Been Forced Out of the Four Seasons RebootHowever, the two sides have yet to agree on how to fully divest the controversial partner.
  3. restaurant review
    The New Four Seasons Feels Stuck in the PastThe talented young chef Diego Garcia and a $30 million space aren’t quite enough to revitalize a relocated restaurant.
  4. reopenings
    The Four Seasons, and Power Lunching in the #MeToo EraIt’s a celebration of one-percent-ness with an unmistakable air of toxic masculinity.
  5. restaurant review
    Review: The Lobster Club Is Asian-Fusion FantasiaIt’s described as a “Japanese brasserie,” but the template has clearly been lifted from Asian-fusion megahits like Nobu and Tao.
  6. restaurant review
    The Pool Is Posh, Pricey, and a Little ProsaicThe Major Food Group’s makeover of the old Four Seasons’ Pool Room is both soothing and sleepy.
  7. the dish
    Foie Gras Gets a Redesign at The PoolIt’s shaved into dozens of razor-thin petals and served on a glass cube meant to be passed around the table, the foie spread onto orange “chips.”
  8. restaurant review
    Review: The Grill Is Worth a Visit, If Someone Else Is PayingThe menu is uneven, the prices are insane.
  9. openings
    The Grill at the Former Four Seasons Opens May 2Can the Major Food Group do for mock-turtle soup and Amish ham steak what it did for rigatoni alla vodka?
  10. shaken or stirred
    Pre-Batched Martinis Are Surprisingly Controversial — and Vastly Superior“There’s something really intense about it.”
  11. landmark rooms
    The Four Seasons Invented the Power Lunch. Can It Be an Actual Food Destination?The guys behind Carbone try something radical: actually paying attention to what’s on the plate.
  12. pop-ups
    Oddly Enough, the Four Seasons Is Popping Up in New OrleansAt Brennan’s, from February 8 to 11.
  13. major developments
    The New Restaurant in the Four Seasons Space Will Be Called the LandmarkIt’s certainly accurate.
  14. sued
    The ‘Four Seasons’ Name Should Rest in PeaceAlex von Bidder and Julian Niccolini’s former partners are suing to prevent them from using it at their new restaurant.
  15. listen
    Where Will Midtown Fat Cats Eat Lunch Now That the Four Seasons Is Closed?The demise of New York’s most iconic restaurant is the topic of this week’s Grub Street Podcast.
  16. going once twice sold
    Someone Paid $10,000 for a Set of Four Seasons AshtraysOther outrageous buys included $7,000 for bread baskets and $30,000 for chairs with “assorted surface scratches.”
  17. end of an era
    Saying Good-bye to The Four Seasons With Mimi SheratonShe helped open the restaurant in 1959. Now everything inside is up for auction.
  18. pool parties
    The Closing of the Iconic Four Seasons Restaurant Is Going SwimminglyEveryone who is anyone is diving into the pool.
  19. Woof
    Four Seasons Revamp Will Have ‘Feminine’ Room” … Masculine, meat-embracing and signified by the brisk confidence of the Kennedy years.”
  20. On Sale
    Start Saving for This Summer’s Four Seasons AuctionBanquettes, bronze-topped tables, and more.
  21. Coming Sometime
    The Four Seasons’ Relocation PlansJulian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder want to stay in the neighborhood.
  22. Crime Scenes
    Four Seasons Co-owner Julian Niccolini Pleads Guilty to Sexual-Abuse ChargesThe restaurateur was charged with third-degree assault but won’t face any jail time.
  23. Awards
    The Four Seasons Will Win One Last James Beard Award Before It ClosesThe inaugural “Design Icon Restaurant Award.”
  24. Changes
    John Travolta Isn’t Feeling the Four Seasons Reboot“I’m so disappointed that it’s changing.”
  25. reasons to love new york
    The End of the Four SeasonsThe Four Seasons as remembered by five regulars.
  26. Celebrity Settings
    Anna Wintour Orders One Baked Potato at Gallagher’s; Jon Hamm Goes to theThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  27. Coming Soon
    The Carbone Team Is Taking Over The Four SeasonsThe storied restaurant will get a new name and a much younger feel when the Major Food Group assumes control.
  28. Lawsuits
    Four Seasons Co-Owner Julian Niccolini Is Facing Sexual-Abuse ChargesIf convicted, he could land in jail for up to seven years.
  29. Drama
    Historic Districts Council Executive Tells Four Seasons Owner to ‘Curl UpIt’s never a good idea to vent on Facebook.
  30. News
    Landmarks Preservation Commission Orders to Protect The Four SeasonsThe building’s owner is forbidden from making significant changes to the interior.
  31. Lunch
    The New Lunching Elite and the Inexorable End of the Power-Lunch EraGo ahead, get a killer burrito delivered.
  32. Leftovers
    The Four Seasons Gets Rid of Its Picasso; Racines’ Summer MenuToday’s Leftovers.
  33. Celebrity Settings
    Liam Hemsworth Drinks Grey Goose at Hotel Chantelle; Eliot Spitzer Makes BrotherPlus: Woody Allen chooses Sistina over the Golden Globes, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  34. Celebrity Settings
    Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio Dance at Avenue; Daniel Radcliffe Gets BombedPlus: Mariah Carey at Serendipity 3, Jessica Biel at the Butcher’s Daughter, and more of this week’s celebrity settings.
  35. Celebrity Settings
    Culina Is to Larry Flynt What Nate ‘n Al Is to Larry KingThe Four Seasons restaurant recently named a dish for the famous pornographer.
  36. Celebrity Settings
    Salman Rushdie Parties at The Four Seasons; Mary-Kate Olsen Snogs at MoMAPlus, Kris Humphries at Bagatelle, Mariano Rivera gets a standing O at Siro’s, and more in this week’s celebrity dining.
  37. We Called It
    Joël Robuchon Says Au Revoir to New York, L’Atelier Closes June 30The French megachef is outta here.
  38. Rumors
    L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon’s Days Could Be Numbered; The FourL’Atelier de Joël Robuchon will close and be replaced by another high-end restaurant this year, according to sources.
  39. Celebrity Settings
    Spago Makes Chocolate Electric Guitars, But Only For Gene SimmonsThe Kiss shiller notes his three favorite places to eat.
  40. Foodievents
    Four Seasons Will Serve a Jackson Pollock–Inspired MenuEver wished you could snack on the painter’s favorite lemon pudding? Now you can!
  41. Celebrity Settings
    Halloween Parties at PH-D, the Darby, Catch; Marc Anthony Misses The FourPlus: Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin try all of Donatella’s desserts, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  42. Celebrity Settings
    Diddy, Kanye, and Dr. Dre Drink Beau Joie at the Darby; Snooki Celebrates at STKPlus: Anderson Cooper dines alone at Fanelli’s, Carol Alt compares notes with Shea Gallante at Ciano, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  43. Takin’ It To the Streets
    Even The Four Seasons Is Serving Street Food!One must wonder if serving street food at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons officially takes any of its street cred, but it still sounds pretty tasty.