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  1. the feeding tube
    The Great British Baking Show Is Back — But Is It Still Good?A superfan weighs in on some big changes for the show that essentially defines British culture.
  2. the feeding tube
    Can Food Network Survive in the Age of Netflix Cooking Shows?“If you’re having someone like Alton Brown, who knows a lot about food, preside over a circus, is that really credible food programming?”
  3. food tv
    CNN Announces the Final 5 Episodes of Parts UnknownThey will cover Kenya, the Texas and Mexico border, Indonesia, the Lower East Side, and Spain’s Asturias region.
  4. the feeding tube
    Now There’s an Animated Gordon Ramsay to Terrorize CartoonsHe has a very true-to-life cameo on Amazon’s new Rocky and Bullwinkle series.
  5. recaps
    Last Night’s Top Chef Featured a Classic Challenge and Lots of Cheese“Sometimes the ricotta can just explode too much, and it’s not a great texture in your mouth.”
  6. sexual harassment
    Top Chef Edited John Besh Out of His Upcoming EpisodeTom Colicchio says it wasn’t an easy fix, but Bravo “spent the time and did the right thing.”
  7. new york beginnings
    How Food Network Turned Big-city Chef Culture Into Middle-America Pop CultureIn the early ’90s, a no-budget television network in midtown Manhattan transformed unknown cooks into full-blown celebrities.
  8. the feeding tube
    NBC Is Making a Sitcom Based on Chili’s Elite Corps of ‘Super-Trainers’It’s about a gung-ho team that “travels the country opening new branches” of a casual-dining chain.
  9. the feeding tube
    England Shaken to Its Core After Great British Bake Off Winner Gets Leaked Early“Oh god, what has Prue done?”
  10. the feeding tube
    New Report Says Bobby Flay Quit Iron Chef in the Most Bobby Flay Way PossibleProducers were supposedly aghast.
  11. the feeding tube
    Watch Gordon Ramsay Cook Scrambled Eggs Over, and Over, and OverIf you haven’t picked up on the technique by now.
  12. the feeding tube
    Anthony Bourdain Finally Eats Through Queens on This Sunday’s Parts UnknownIt only took nine seasons.
  13. the feeding tube
    Top Chef Charleston Recap: The Importance of Biscuits“If you’re gonna eat a biscuit, you might as well really eat a biscuit.
  14. the feeding tube
    Top Chef Premiere Recap: Strawberry Syrup and Ranch DressingThis season: a big twist! (Unless you’ve seen the previews. Then, no twist.)
  15. the feeding tube
    Watch the First Trailer for Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s New Cooking ShowMixing brownies to the beat of “Next Episode.”
  16. video feed
    Mario Batali’s New Cooking Show Is Basically Molto Mario 2.0It’s like a return to the Food Network series that made him famous, only this time set in trendy Brooklyn offices.
  17. the feeding tube
    Does the World Need a Great British Bake Off Rival Show?The BBC reportedly thinks it might.
  18. tragedies
    Mary Berry Will Leave The Great British Bake OffPaul Hollywood is the only member of the original crew left.
  19. Food TV
    Fred Armisen and Bill Hader Made the Perfect Food-Porn ParodyJuan Likes Rice & Chicken encapsulates everything that’s great, and terrible, about prestige food shows.
  20. the feeding tube
    Sylvester Stallone Is Making a Show About a Real-Life Pizzeria in Beverly HillsPizza Guy is based on the life of Hollywood-connected owner Richie Palmer.
  21. the feeding tube
    Your New Favorite Cooking-Show Hosts Will Be Snoop Dogg and Martha StewartThe unscripted dinner-party series starts this fall.
  22. the feeding tube
    Hollywood Is Giving Wolfgang Puck a Star on the Walk of FameHe’ll be the second chef ever, after Bobby Flay.
  23. The Feeding Tube
    Robert Irvine to Host Dr. Phil–Style ShowGet ready for a full hour of him “dishing up tough-love advice and conflict resolution.”
  24. Barbaric Yelp
    Food Network Will Give Yelpers Their Own ShowWhy?
  25. Overnights
    Top Chef Pre-Finale Recap: It’s Magic!“Of course I’m petrified.”
  26. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: It’s Not Long; It’s ‘Supersized’“The way it was presented was delicate. It was small, it was cute.”
  27. Food Media
    Chris Kimball’s Replacements Named on America’s Test KitchenTwo familiar faces — Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster — have been tapped to take over the show.
  28. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: MC Hammer and Oily Paratha“Rap names should personify who you are.”
  29. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Champagne Salads and Strawberry Dreams“Do you want to put, like, salt on these onions?”
  30. The Feeding Tube
    These Are the Best #GuyFieriMoviesTwitter users fantasize about a Dude, Where’s My Carbs? or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross.
  31. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: Unwanted Celery and Fuzzy Food Memories“I wonder what my dad’s gonna say when he sees this.”
  32. The Feeding Tube
    A 12-Year-Old Chopped Junior Contestant Now Has Her Own Cooking ShowThe Three Js’ and That Guy’s Kitchen features kid-friendly ways to satisfy a “snack attack.”
  33. Food Media
    Chris Kimball Out at ‘America’s Test Kitchen’The publisher cites a contract dispute with its famous co-founder.
  34. Food Fight
    Guy Fieri Fires Back At Bourdain“You have nothing else to fucking worry about than if I have bleached hair or not?”
  35. Video Feed
    MasterChef Junior Gets a Lot More Interesting When It’s Dubbed WithGordon Ramsay’s lines change quite a bit.
  36. The Feeding Tube
    The 7 Best Lines From The Simpsons’ Food Network Send-upBobby Flay got burned pretty badly.
  37. The Feeding Tube
    Boston Teamsters Finally Got Indicted for Threatening Top Chef JudgesA U.S. Attorney called the intimidation “old school thug tactics.”
  38. The Chain Gang
    Buffalo Wild Wings Will No Longer Run Ads Featuring Steve RannazzisiNow that the actor’s 9/11 lie has been revealed, the chain isn’t thrilled with him as a spokesman.
  39. The Feeding Tube
    Stephen Colbert Thinks ‘Every Day Is Like’ Chopped“Your guests tonight are veal tongue, coffee grounds, and gummy bears. There, make a show.”
  40. The Feeding Tube
    Anthony Bourdain Says Man v. Food Is ‘Basically a Recruiting ToolThe all-American celebration of gluttony doesn’t project the best image overseas.
  41. The Feeding Tube
    That Disastrous Kitchen Nightmares Couple Is Trying to Sell TheirThe owners of Amy’s Baking Company have finally decided to throw in the towel.
  42. The Feeding Tube
    Paula Deen Will Return to TV on a Channel Nobody’s Ever Heard OfShe’s going to sell things on a three-hour show called ‘Paula Deen’s Kitchen.’
  43. The Feeding Tube
    Tom Colicchio Joins MSNBC As TV’s First ‘Food Correspondent’He’ll also host a weekly half-hour show online called ‘Stirring the Pot.’
  44. Blowing Up
    Fresh Off the Boat Looks Like a HitSolid reviews and Eddie Huang’s excellent media tour translated to big ratings for last night’s premiere.
  45. The Feeding Tube
    Open Calls for Top Chef Season 13 Begin Next WeekAttention, all you people with ace brunoise game.
  46. The Feeding Tube
    Top Chef Contestant Says He Was Put on Three-Day Involuntary Psych Hold“I’ve been destroyed by the experience.”
  47. Overnights
    Best New Restaurant Is an Admirable, If Imperfect, Evolution of theAnd there isn’t even a lot of glaringly obvious product placement (yet).
  48. The Feeding Tube
    Momofuku’s Christina Tosi Joins MasterChef Junior and OriginalShe’s replacing Joe Bastianich.
  49. The Feeding Tube
    Nickelodeon Turned Anthony Bourdain Into an Actual CartoonHe’s got a cameo in an upcoming ‘Sanjay and Craig’ episode.
  50. Exploratory Committee
    Emeril Lagasse Laments ‘All the Obama Nonsense’“I’m just saying … the government should stay out of things.”
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