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    The Vietnamese Sundaes at Hanoi House Are So AddictiveAn inspired version of chè, layered with black-sesame ice cream
  2. the dish
    Untitled’s Lettuce Wrap Is a Fish Taco So Good It Doesn’t Need a TortillaIt’s chef de cuisine Suzanne Cupps’s favorite item on the menu.
  3. Lalo’s Kasha Varnishkes Are a California-Inspired Take on a Jewish FavoriteGerardo Gonzalez’s rendition of the buckwheat groats and bow-tie pasta dish takes inspiration from his mom’s parsley-and-mushroom salad.
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    Llama Inn’s Rabbit Potpie Is a Triumph of Fusion Comfort FoodAn ají de gallina–style stew of rabbit-leg meat, turnips, Swiss chard, rutabaga, and toasted walnuts topped with a crisp pastry lid.
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    Acclaimed Pastry Chef Karen DeMasco is Back to Baking at HearthThe master of homespun cakes and cookies is milling her own flour and banishing white sugar.
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    Great Northern Food Hall’s Øllebrød Might Be the Fanciest Porridge EverA traditional Danish specialty dressed up for New York diners with frothy milk foam, sea buckthorn berries, and tarragon sugar.
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    At Ancolie, Opening Friday in Greenwich Village, Everything Comes in a JarEven the Rainbow Salad.
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    Prune Introduces Turkish Flaming ‘Disco’ Pistachios“We joke that when we vacuum, it’s all beer caps and pistachio shells now,” says chef Gabrielle Hamilton.
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    Rebelle Will Soon Be Offering a Spumoni-Inspired Croissant From Sadelle’s BakerMelissa Weller is bringing a weekend-brunch pastry program to the Nolita restaurant.
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    At Paowalla, Floyd Cardoz Is Reviving One of His Most-Beloved DishesEggs Kejriwal is a souped-up cheese toast served at his Mumbai restaurant, the Bombay Canteen.
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    Vic’s Sun Gold–Tomato Salad Is the Ultimate Summer Greenmarket DishLycopene addicts will want to devour it through August and well into the fall.
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    How Masaharu Morimoto’s Momosan Makes Its Pickled Napa Cabbage“It’s almost like kimchee, but it’s not spicy, it’s punchy,” explains executive chef, Jae Lee.
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    Zadie’s Oyster Room Opens Tonight With These Butter-Steamed OystersThey’re just one of the seven different bivalve preparations on offer at Marco Canora’s new spot.
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    The Dish: Tapestry’s Rabbit TerrineNew Delhi-born chef Suvir Saran demonstrates his cross-cultural cooking chops.
  15. The Dish
    Delaware and Hudson’s New Tavern Is Serving a Pennsylvania Dutch SpecialtySchnitz und gnepp is one of those dishes that tastes as good as it sounds.
  16. The Dish
    This Triple-Pork Salteña Is a Soup-Dumpling-esque MarvelThe Bolivian-American brothers behind TurnStyle’s Bolivian Llama Party pop-up consider the salteña the xiao long bao of South America.
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    Le Coq Rico Puts a Lighter Spin on an Alsatian Peasant ClassicAt the new Flatiron spinoff of his Paris restaurant, Antoine Westermann tweaks tradition with a delicious and relatively light chicken baeckeoffe.
  18. The Dish
    El Quinto Pino Is Serving a Frito-Pie-Inspired Take on Huevos EstrelladosAlex Raij recently began shoving fried eggs and bits of chorizo into bags of chips, and selling them to go.
  19. The Dish
    The Dish: OddFellows’ Ube-Ice-cream SandwichTheir new ube-ice-cream sandwich with shiso granola and coconut dulce de leche is the result of a single brainstorming session.
  20. The Dish
    How Del Posto Created an Upscale, Gluten-Free, Five-Cheese ManicottiThis is no Little Italy cliché.
  21. The Dish
    Court Street Grocers Is Bringing Back MandelbrotLarry Finkelstein’s version comes sprinkled with cinnamon sugar or dipped in chocolate.
  22. The Dish
    How Llama Inn Reinvented the Peruvian Favorite Lomo SaltadoThe venerable recipe has undergone a playful transformation at the Williamsburg restaurant, where chef Erik Ramirez reinterprets it as a sort of Peruvian fajitas.
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    The Dish: Brooklyn Bread Lab’s Panettone“I definitely white-trashed it up a little bit and put chocolate in it — that good old hit-you-over-the-head kind of flavor idea.”
  24. The Dish
    Allow Back Forty West to Introduce You to the Fish RibChef Mike Laarhoven cures, smokes, and serves them not with barbecue sauce but a za’atar-spiked crème fraîche.
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    No. 7 Veggie’s Broccoli Taco Is a Multitextured MarvelAn architecturally advanced creation inspired by none other than Taco Bell.
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    Watch John Besh Discuss Building His Restaurant EmpireHe owns a dozen concepts in New Orleans.
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    A Raclette-Stuffed, Bacon-Topped Baked PotatoLike the entire USDA food pyramid on a plate.
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    The Dish: Orange Tart Made Out of ApplesMaury Rubin gets back to his “strictly French” roots, with pastries like this Orange Tart Made Out of Apples.
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    Introducing Superiority Burger’s New Vegan Cold Pizza SaladBrooks Headley has managed to conjure a slice of pizza in the form of a juicy, crunchy, “cheesy” vegan side.
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    The Dish: Chiang Mai Restaurant’s Jin Som MokYou’d be hard-pressed to find jin som mok anywhere else in the city.
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    How Mulino a Vino Puts an Avant-Garde Spin on Spaghettoni al PomodoroPasta + Pomodoro² is a pasta-stuffed tomato that comes on a crisp Grana Padano frico slicked with basil purée.
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    Sadelle’s Grandiose Smoked-Fish Tower Takes Bagel Brunch to the Next LevelThe new bagel bakery, opening later this month, presents this plateau de fruits de mer with the posh elegance of English afternoon tea.
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    Watch Jonathon Sawyer Discuss the Appeal of Crowd-Funding a RestaurantGrub’s Sierra Tishgart interviewed the Cleveland chef for CBS This Morning.
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    Rhubarb-Flavored Kakigori Pops Up at Kajitsu for 5 Days OnlyKyoto confectionery Nakamuraken will debut the refreshing confection at at Kokage by Kajitsu.
  35. The Dish
    Check Out This Cheesy Spin on Chicharrón at Rosie’sMarc Meyer’s riff is less taco and more frico, with lacy shards of baked cheese.
  36. The Dish
    Why There’s More to Estela’s Strawberry Sorbet Than Meets the EyeChef-partner Ignacio Mattos and chef de cuisine Jacob Nemmers excel at concealment, burying treasures like pickled strawberries and coconut chips beneath the smooth surface.
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    First Look at Dominique Ansel Kitchen’s Flaming Meringue HeartbreakOne of many high-concept desserts on U.P., an after-hours tasting menu that launches in June.
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    Introducing Ivan Orkin’s 8AM Breakfast RamenScrew the chashu, this thing is topped with Taylor ham.
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    The Dish: Von Kava’s Tasting MenuIs this the world’s first white-tablecloth stand-up tasting menu?
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    The Dish: Eleven Madison Park’s BotrytisUsually, wine is meant to pair with food; in this case, it’s the opposite.
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    The Trick Behind Santina’s Guanciale e Pepe Rice“The goal was to invert risotto,” says co-owner Mario Carbone.
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    See El Rey’s Vegan Take on ChicharronesA bowl of wheat puffs tossed with crunchy raw vegetables and garnished with fresh herbs and three sauces.
  43. The Dish
    See Rôtisserie Georgette’s Lavishly Accessorized, Spiked Chocolat ChaudRather dark with a bittersweet edge and served with panache.
  44. The Dish
    How Bowery Meat Company Found Its Signature Rib-Eye CapHighly marbled and super-succulent — the meat-world equivalent of icing on the cake.
  45. The Dish
    Why Semilla’s Einkorn-Buckwheat Bread Is Worth Paying ForMade from a combination of ancient grains and organic flours, its complex flavor speaks to the magic of long fermentation and precision technique.
  46. The Dish
    Christina Tosi’s Cranberry-Gingerbread CakeA six-inch “gingerbread house meets cranberry pie ” that evokes festivities without trying to compete with anyone’s grandma.
  47. The Dish
    Deconstructing Underwest’s Halva-Topped Tahini DoughnutIt’s dressed up like a feather boa and tastes like a dream.
  48. The Dish
    Why Ribalta’s Spaghettoni al Pomodoro Is Better Than Anyone Else’sIt’s 98 percent shopping, 2 percent technique.
  49. The Dish
    See Eric Ripert’s Veggie Take on Peruvian AnticuchoServed at his new casual outpost, Aldo Sohm Wine Bar.
  50. The Dish
    Introducing Emmett’s No-Ketchup-Allowed Chicago DogThe deep-dish pizza purveyors are courting culinary controversy again.
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