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The Dining Room At The Langham

  1. Closings
    Pasadena Losing The RoyceChef David Feau won’t hang around while the concept changes to an American steakhouse.
  2. The Other Critics
    Virbila Finds Chaya Venice Better Than Before; Gold Still Gaga for GuelaguetzaChef Yuichi Natori steps up the seafood at a popular beachside sushi spot, while a K-Town Mexican legend now has a huge screen to go with its famous moles.
  3. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Voltaggio Staying in L.A. to Craft His Own ConceptIt won’t be the Bazaar and it won’t have Bryan, but Michael promises to be behind the stoves.
  4. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Voltaggio Vacating The LanghamIt’s a no-brainer that the culinary wiz would leave Pasadena’s stiff dining room to take advantage of the spotlight.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Laurent Quenioux Cooking at Le Saint Amour; SimonLA Celebrates Fete de laBistro LQ joins a chef exchange program and Sofitel goes Gallic, with the music to prove it.
  6. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Interview: Top Chef Winner Michael Voltaggio Reveals His Regrets andMichael Voltaggio tells us what it’s like to be the new Top Chef.
  7. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    How Bryan and Michael Voltaggio’s Mother FeelsThe brothers on Top Chef have a proud mother.
  8. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Ilan Hall Wants to See L.A.’s Top Chef Competitor Taken DownIlan Hall wouldn’t mind watching Michael Voltaggio lose Top Chef to his older brother, Bryan.
  9. Menus
    Voltaggio’s New Menu Hits The LanghamChef Voltaggio inserts some new influences at Pasadena’s Langham.