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The Chopping Block

  1. Events
    Help People With Disabilities at Cooking For Clearbrook SaturdayHands-on cooking to benefit school.
  2. TV Land
    Chef vs. City Looks ‘Eh,’ But CBS’s New RestaurantWant to be a restaurateur? Here’s your big chance!
  3. TV Land
    Restaurant Girl Plays an Anonymous Critic on TVDanyelle Freeman makes an appearance on ‘Chopping Block.’
  4. TV Land
    Chopping Block Lives On?Also, Marco Pierre White launches a new season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’
  5. As Seen on TV
    Chopping Block Rocks! Sucks!’Times’ television critic Alessandra Stanley has seriously revised her opinion of the show.
  6. As Seen on TV
    Chopping Block ChoppedThree episodes, and Marco Pierre White’s baby is put to bed.
  7. TV Land
    Chopping Block: When a Salmon Is Like a Social DiseaseThe “Original Gangsta” of food criticism felt like he had been told he had herpes.
  8. Food TV
    Bourdain Watches, Fears The Chopping BlockMarco Pierre White “brought glamour and a sense of self-worth to all non-French-speaking chefs the world over.”
  9. TV Land
    Was Chopping Block Better Than Top Chef, and Was MPW Better ThanSome thoughts on last night’s premiere.
  10. Food TV
    Marco Pierre White Tries to Look Kind on TodayThe grumpy chef promotes ‘The Chopping Block,’ which premieres tonight.
  11. El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Spotted on American IdolMaybe he just wanted to compare trash-talk techniques with Simon Cowell.
  12. TV Land
    Chopping Block Shuns New York Chefs While Chopped Courts ThemFor shame, Marco Pierre White!
  13. Video Feed
    Marco Pierre White Will Scare You Into Watching His ShowThe promo for ‘The Chopping Block’ is a little unnerving.
  14. TV Land
    Chopped, Meet Chopping BlockMarco Pierre White’s cooking-competition show premieres March 11.
  15. TV Land
    New Food Network Shows Are Kind of Like ‘Top Chef’ and ‘DirtyTed Allen’s new show finds him steering back into ‘Top Chef’ territory.
  16. The New York Diet
    Marco Pierre White Has an Impromptu Wrap Party at Katz’sWe asked the great British chef what he ate as filming of his reality show, ‘Chopping Block,’ came to a close.
  17. NewsFeed
    Is ‘Chopping Block’ Shooting on the Bowery?Bowery restaurants Crimson and Marion’s may come to a TV near you.
  18. Back of the House
    Marco Pierre White Coming to American TV — Try to Stay AwakeAccording to Mediabistro’s FishbowlNY, Marco Pierre White is coming to NBC as star of the latest food reality show, The Chopping Block, an Apprentice-like elimination series about eight couples running two competing restaurants in New York. This show might actually be good: White is a true mentor, rather than a self-aggrandizing ogre after the mode of his former protégé, Gordon Ramsay, and NBC’s track record in food reality TV is short but stellar, with both The Restaurant and Top Chef to its credit. Not only will we be able to write about the show, but also to dine in! The restaurants the contestants create will be open for business, just like Rocco’s unlucky venture a few years ago — but there weren’t nearly as many food blogs back then. Marco Pierre White Tapped for NBC’s New ‘Top Chef’/Hell’s Kitchen Killer [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro] Related: Batali, Bourdain, and Ramsay Mentor to Finally Take on America?