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The Capital Grille

  1. Protests
    Protesters Would Like Paid Sick Days at Capital Grille, PleaseOf course, 75 percent of restaurant workers don’t get paid sick leave.
  2. Empire Building
    The Capital Grille Is Coming to Cali in JulyBeverly Center will house the 42nd location of this steakhouse chain.
  3. The New York Diet
    Fashion Designer Tracy Reese Previews Red Rooster, Pairs Cabernet With Potato“I had yellowtail sashimi and king salmon sashimi, and an eel and avocado roll with brown rice. And then I had a piece of gum because I had sushi breath.”
  4. Blogston Proper
    Five Corners is ‘Casually Elegant"; Genki Ya’s Omakase FlubPlus: get pampered at The Capital Grille, and avoid Boston Beer Works’ nachos, all in our weekly blog roundup.
  5. Blogston Proper
    Turner Fisheries is ‘Spectacular"; Menton Exceeds ExpectationsPlus: Woody’s v. The Upper Crust, and date night at The Capital Grille, all in our weekly blog roundup.
  6. Meat Palace Intrigue
    A Rough Day for SteakhousesBig problems at Center City’s steakhouses
  7. The New York Diet
    Reggaeton Legend Don Omar Orders From the World’s Biggest Takeout BookThe Latin Grammy–award-winning artist tells us what he ate during a week of recording, skeet shooting, and training.
  8. Lists
    Capital Grille: Chicago’s Best American Restaurant?OpenTable’s survey of the top American food restaurants reveal some interesting choices.
  9. CB Report
    CB1 Approves the Future of Chain Steakhouses and Brazilian GrillsCapital Grille and Mr. Skewer & Co. get liquor licenses, and expect a new sidewalk café at Landmarc.
  10. Mediavore
    Burger King Is Recessionproof; UWS Gets Food FestivalBurger King’s CEO explains how the economy works in his favor, the Upper West Side gets a festival to celebrate its new crop of restaurants, and the ‘Times’ explores cooking with microwaves.
  11. NewsFeed
    Can Downtown Support Another Steakhouse?Grimly optimistic developer Larry Silverstein announced today that Capital Grille, the steak chain with a midtown location, has signed a ground-floor lease in his 120 Broadway tower. By luring the D.C.-based operation to join neighbors like Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, Silverstein said, “downtown has become a true beckon for foodies.” (We think he meant beacon, but he said “beckon.”) In the same speech, Silverstein said 86 percent of lower Manhattan’s new businesses have come from outside the financial sector. But since there are already at least six other steakhouses in the neighborhood, can all those new nonfinancial (and presumably, more edamame-inclined) sectors keep them all in business? Silverstein argues that the influx of spendthrift apartment owners around Wall Street will attract more prominent retail, which will make the area a perfect business hub. Hmm. Sounds like Soho to us, a neighborhood that has yet to open, much less support, even one fratty meatery. —Alec Appelbaum