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The Cabin Down Below

  1. reopenings
    The Cabin Was the Best Secret Bar of 2009 — Now It’s Back“Best thing about Cabin is you never talk about Cabin.”
  2. Openings
    Janis Is the New Beatrice and Jesse Malin Is the New Paul Sevigny, Got It?How not to make your lounge the new Beatrice Inn.
  3. Openings
    Black Market Quietly Starts Serving Oysters and LaFrieda Burgers TomorrowSam Anderson of Hotel Delmano created the cocktails at Cabin Down Below’s new boite.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Jessica Alba Drinks at Schiller’s; Bourdain Has Dessert at Michael’sPlus: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long hang out a lot.
  5. Slideshow
    Finally, Your First Look at the Latest Unmarked Bar!A look inside the bar hidden above a downtown burrito joint.
  6. For the Love of Hipsters
    Cabin Down Below: Secret-Hipster-Bar Status in JeopardyAn East Village bar is opened, and then overexposed.