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  1. Science
    Pineapples Could Be the Secret Weapon in the Fight Against SuperbugsA team of researchers claims enzymes in the fruit’s roots and stems could be an effective alternative to antibiotics.
  2. The Food Chain
    Diner’s Sean Rembold Is Wowed by the Savory Dutch Pancake at Outerlands inIt’s an eggy puffed pancake, served at brunch, studded with bacon and topped with maple syrup and ricotta.
  3. The Food Chain
    The Publican’s Brian Huston Adores Diner’s ‘Hot and“It’s like, ‘Why can’t I always eat my burgers in Brooklyn?’”
  4. The Food Chain
    Blue Bottle Pastry Chef Caitlin Freeman Finds Ham Perfection at the PublicanCaitlin Freeman doesn’t remember much from her Chicago trip, but she does remember the ham.
  5. The Food Chain
    Tartine’s Chad Robertson Worships Blue Bottle’s Brandy CakeThe S.F. baker loves this Arborio rice-based cake doused in brandy, only available now at Blue Bottle’s S.F. locations.
  6. The Food Chain
    Patois Chef Aaron Burgau Eats Up Tartine’s Sopresatta PaniniAnd Tartine’s Chad Robertson responds.
  7. The Food Chain
    Nudel Chef Bjorn Somlo Apologizes to Himself Before Eating the Pork-Belly“It’s this big sloppy pork belly, with fried green tomatoes and egg.”
  8. The Food Chain
    Paul Pearson of Chicago’s North Pond Enjoys Intense Carrot Soup at Nudel“They take 24 carrots and juice half of them, and then they cook the rest in the juice, so it’s a very intense and concentrated flavor.”
  9. The Food Chain
    Jacob Sessoms of Table in Asheville, North Carolina, Is Inspired by the Farm Egg“I think what opened my mind up when I ate it was, most importantly, that I could start making my own English muffins.”
  10. The Food Chain
    Holeman & Finch Chef Linton Hopkins Adores the Speck With Porcini and Egg at“The egg was charged in a canister and piped out. You had these little blob dollops that were like a hollandaise, almost.”
  11. The Food Chain
    Tandy Wilson of Nashville’s City House Loves the Veal Brains at Holeman &“They really have the texture of perfectly scrambled eggs.”
  12. The Food Chain
    Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Diner in Raleigh Loves the Brininess of the“It hits all the palate spots.”
  13. The Food Chain
    Txikito’s Alex Raij Finds the Royale at Poole’s Diner“It’s this kind of high-end thing in this shabby-chic luncheonette.”
  14. The Food Chain
    Blue Hill’s Dan Barber Thinks Oleana’s Spinach Falafel Is Hauntingly“Who knew falafel could taste like this? Sweet, a little spicy, and hauntingly delicious.”
  15. The Food Chain
    Daniel’s Jean-Francois Bruel Is Impressed by the Pork Plate at Blue Hill“The jowl was a confit, with extra crispy skin and the meat was very moist; and the loin was roasted. And then you had some braised belly. And then a pig jus with a little bit of sauerkrauet.”
  16. The Food Chain
    RIA’s Danny Grant Can’t Stop Thinking About the Guinea-Fowl Terrine“The terrine was incredibly balanced in flavor and equally as intricate and appealing in presentation.”
  17. The Food Chain
    Anita Lo Praises RIA’s ‘Pristine’ Sea Scallop and Octopus With“The flavors are simple and precise.”
  18. The Food Chain
    Traci Des Jardins Thinks Annisa’s Wild-Boar Belly Is ‘Amazing’“It was probably inspired by our boar-hunting trip to Mongolia last year. Or at least Anita was probably inspired to send it to me for that reason.”
  19. The Food Chain
    Portland Chef Jason French Fiends for the Foie Gras Torchon at JardinièreA Portland chef finds a perfectly executed classic in S.F.
  20. The Food Chain
    Josef Centeno Dreams About the Porchetta at Ned Ludd in PortlandThe L.A. chef names some porchetta in Portland as his all-time favorite.
  21. The Food Chain
    Dave Gould Prizes the Poblano Soup at Lazy Ox Canteen“Back when I was at Opus, Jonathan Gold came in by himself … and I wanted to give him something special.”
  22. The Food Chain
    Roebling Tea Room Chef Dennis Spina Loves Roman’s Roasted Caciocavallo“It’s kind of like the top of a macaroni and cheese, but fancy.”
  23. The Food Chain
    Saltie Co-Owner Caroline Fidanza Loves the ‘Extraordinary’“It tasted like the forest and the ocean.”
  24. The Food Chain
    La Superior’s Felipe Mendez Thinks the Scuttlebutt at Saltie Is“I have two restaurants and I go there all the time, so that says something.”
  25. The Food Chain
    Bix’s Bruce Hill Finds La Superior’s Torta Ahogada“It was just this late-night, delicious, sopping-wet sandwich. It’s a mess.”
  26. The Food Chain
    Boa’s Brent Berkowitz Says Bix’s Steak Tartare Is ‘theThough L.A.’s Boa makes their own tartare, they look to S.F.’s Bix as the standard-bearer.
  27. The Food Chain
    Ferrara Baker Ernest Lepore Adores the Kobe Steak at Boa“We season it very heavily with salt and pepper, and we cook it on a cast-iron pan … and you develop a very nice crust — make sure it’s perfect.”
  28. The Food Chain
    Leslie Burnside of Theresa and Johnny’s in San Rafael Is Crazy for“They are a textural party in my mouth.”
  29. The Food Chain
    Sylvia Park is Wild About the Crispy Fried French Toast at Theresa &“It’s like French toast, a doughnut, and a funnel cake all in one.”
  30. The Food Chain
    Susan Feniger Loves the ‘Gooey’ Spicy Sly at Pearl’s DeluxeIt’s a burger with caramelized onions, peppers, cheese, mayo, and a habanero sauce.
  31. The Food Chain
    The Summer Shack’s Jasper White Thinks Rialto’s Soupe de Poisson“She just nails it … She does a perfect job and has done it for ten years.”
  32. The Food Chain
    Eataly’s Dave Pasternack Loves the Summer Shack’s Crisp ClamsSays they’re fresh and clean.
  33. The Food Chain
    Pizzeria Mozza Pastry Chef Dahlia Narvaez Is Moved by Eataly’s Branzino Al“With a squeeze of lemon, it brought me back to a cold-afternoon lunch on the Adriatic.”
  34. The Food Chain
    Scott Conant Craves Mozza’s Butterscotch BudinoIt’s that yin and yang with the butterscotch and the saltiness.”
  35. The Food Chain
    John Fraser Is Seduced by the Simplicity of Scarpetta’s Spaghetti“There is a soulful element that makes me feel like I want to slurp each tangle of pasta one by one.”
  36. The Food Chain
    Harold Dieterle Can’t Get Enough of Dovetail’s ‘Clean,’“He lists the ingredients, and I was like, ‘Dude, is this a dessert?’ But it’s very, very balanced.”
  37. The Food Chain
    Michael White Falls for the ‘Incredible’ Flavors in Kin Shop’s“The pork belly is perfectly cooked and the flavors were incredible in this dish.”
  38. The Food Chain
    Porter House’s Michael Lomonaco Says Osteria Morini’s Seafood Salad“It was really about showcasing fresh ingredients and letting their freshness shine.”
  39. The Food Chain
    Sixty Chef Recommendations, But What Do They All Mean?Are chefs not as pork-crazy as their reputation would have it?
  40. The Food Chain
    Loteria Chef Jimmy Shaw Says Porter House’s Truffled Mashed Potatoes Are“It’s really like whipping the potatoes again, so it’s almost like a truffled whipped potato.”
  41. The Food Chain
    Traif’s Jason Marcus Has a Special Place In His Heart For Loteria’s CarnitasJimmy Shaw says it’s all about the chile morita, “the elegant cousin of chipotle.”
  42. The Food Chain
    Michael Solomonov Thinks Traif’s Bacon Doughnuts Are ‘Like, So“I think it’s awesome that this Jewish kid is rocking out all this non-kosher stuff. “
  43. The Food Chain
    Masahiko Gomi Loves the Sashimi ‘Carpaccio’ at TanukiWe stay in Japanese territory for this week’s Food Chain, and in San Francisco’s Richmond district.
  44. The Food Chain
    Noboru Inoue Loves the Vegetable Appetizers at Kappou GomiThe chef at Ino Sushi loves the unique cold vegetable dishes at Kappou Gomi in S.F.’s Outer Richmond.
  45. The Food Chain
    Luke Sung Gobbles Up the Monkfish Liver Sushi at InoOne San Francisco chef turns to another for sushi.
  46. The Food Chain
    Terry Chan Can’t Get Enough of the Potato-Wrapped Sea Bass at IsaThis week’s food chain takes us across San Francisco to longtime Marina favorite, Isa.
  47. The Food Chain
    Oishii Chef Ting Yen Keeps Coming Back for the Abalone Shumai at South SeaWhen visiting his sister, Boston chef Ting San always hits up this high-end dim sum spot in San Francisco’s Sunset district.
  48. The Food Chain
    Tom Colicchio Loves Oishii’s Sakura-Smoked HamachiTing San explains the paternal inspiration behind his “very cool” smoked fish.
  49. The Food Chain
    Michael Cimarusti Loves the Simplicity of Colicchio & Sons’ Soft-Boiled“When Michael came into the restaurant, that dish wasn’t on the menu yet. I just whipped it up off the top of my head just for him.”
  50. The Food Chain
    Daniel Boulud Loves Providence’s Spot PrawnsMichael Cimarusti explains his simple showcase of fresh Santa Barbara shellfish.
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