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  1. awful things
    New Report Says Thailand’s Seafood Is Still Being Caught by SlavesHuman Rights Watch calls government regulations little more than a “theatrical exercise.”
  2. video feed
    Would You Endure This Terrifying Bar Game for a Free Shot?Of course you’d risk fingers to save a couple bucks on booze.
  3. bans
    The World’s Best City for Street Food Just Banned All Its VendorsBangkok says food stalls must go away by year’s end, in the interests of “order and hygiene.”
  4. Progress
    Congress Will Finally Outlaw Seafood Caught by SlavesObama is expected to sign a bill that closes an 85-year-old loophole on forced labor.
  5. Human Trafficking
    News Reports Have Helped Free 2,000 Enslaved FishermenFruits of the AP’s labor in its ongoing exposé.
  6. Lawsuits
    Costco Sued for Selling Slave-Labor ShrimpA California resident’s class-action lawsuit alleges the grocery chain misled consumers.
  7. Awful Things
    13 Major Takeaways From the Times’ Big Story on Fishing SlaveryConditions are apparently getting worse for workers and the Thai government is doing little to curb the abuse.
  8. Horrible Things
    Horrific Details Continue to Emerge About Southeast Asia’s Fishing SlavesLike working 24-hour shifts, sleeping on beds of dead fish, and watching others jump overboard.
  9. Foodies with Benefits
    Night Market Helps Thai Flood Victims100% of happy hour and small plates proceeds will go to international aid efforts.
  10. What to Eat
    Scope Next’s Thai Menu, and Get Your Tickets ‘Soon’Grant Achatz just released the full menu for Next.
  11. Openings
    Talesai’s New Night+Market Brings Thai Street Food IndoorsThe adjacent Thai restaurant plans communal tables, craft beer, and pig’s collar.
  12. Art Bites
    Singha Beer Brings Retna To Hollywood’s MyStudioThe first in an international series finds the Thai beer company highlighting a phenomenal L.A. artist.
  13. Mediavore
    Ronaldo Seduced Local Waitress; Oldest Bottle of Drinkable Champagne FoundA one night stand in L.A. may have lead to a baby for a soccer superstar, while Baltic divers unearth 200 year-old bubbly.
  14. Truckin’
    Introducing Papas Tapas Truck, Coming SoonA new food truck is coming to L.A. with a name found in other countries.
  15. TV Land
    Hot Diggity Dog! Season Six of No Reservations Premieres TonightA preview, plus a look at a new show featuring some Finnish culinary daredevils.