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  1. shutdown diaries
    I’m a Bartender Who Had COVID-19. My Restaurant’s Owner Warned Me Not to Talk.“People are so desperate right now to make money that they’ll do anything to get past it.”
  2. maga
    Server Quits on the Spot After Restaurant Boots Customer for ‘F*ck Trump’ ShirtAn exciting brunch for some Texas restaurant-goers yesterday.
  3. highway spills
    Watch 40,000 Pounds of ‘Molten Guacamole’ Burn on a Texas HighwayA Mexican delivery truck suddenly burst into flames.
  4. Restaurant Apologizes for Letting Trump Jr. and Cruz Mug With the ‘Obama Cake’The dessert turned the place into “a platform to promote, disrespect, and spread hatred.”
  5. video feed
    IHOP Robbery Thwarted by Waiter Who Is a Frickin’ Black Belt“It was my IHOP’s money in the register, and I’m not gonna let anybody take that.”
  6. relief efforts
    How Houston’s Hunger-Relief Organizations Are Handling HarveyAt least 5,500 people are already in shelters in Houston, and the storm isn’t over yet.
  7. lists
    Texas Monthly Reveals Its ‘50 Best BBQ Joints’ ListThe tour de brisket.
  8. video feed
    How a Fried-Chicken Mogul Spent His Fortune Restoring 5,500 Acres of Texas Land“My objective was to take the worst piece of land I could possibly find in the Hill Country of Texas and begin a process of restoration…”
  9. humanitarians
    A Kindhearted Texan Spent an Entire Night Buying Ice Cream for StrangersHe came in for a bottle of water, and left with a receipt seven feet long.
  10. Hope You’re Ready for Bags of Whole-Roasted CricketsA Texas start-up is selling them in flavors like Texas BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion.
  11. video feed
    Escaped Cow Leads Police on Two-Hour Chase to Taco BellWho wouldn’t pick making a run for the border over the slaughterhouse?
  12. racism
    A White Café Owner Celebrated MLK Day With a Fried-Chicken SpecialThey “have margaritas and tacos on Cinco de Mayo,” so NBD, right?
  13. class acts
    Police Department Fakes Out Drivers With Free Turkeys Instead of TicketsSometimes crime pays in the form of a Thanksgiving dinner.
  14. sad!
    A Texas Restaurant Changed Its Name to ‘Trump Cafe’ Ahead of the ElectionIts new menu offers only “American, Trump-themed” foods.
  15. deep-fried everything
    Walmart Rolls Out a Whole Restaurant Modeled After the Texas State FairIt features a 45-item menu celebrating the “treats families enjoy ever year.”
  16. wild west
    Texas Waiter Fires Actual Gun During Fight at Cowboy-Themed SteakhouseHe went Wild West on a customer who put him in a headlock over a botched order.
  17. huge tips
    Family Leaves Applebee’s Server $500 Tip for His Random Act of KindnessBecause he helped a grieving mother at the grocery store.
  18. factory farming
    Now a Chicken Producer Is Accused of Exposing Employees to ‘Amputation Hazards’As if all the animal cruelty weren’t enough.
  19. crime scene
    Robber Carrying AK-47 Promptly Gets Shot by Waffle House CustomerPretty much only in Texas.
  20. Lawsuits
    Starbucks Sued Over ‘Dangerously’ Hot CoffeeA customer claims it gave her severe burns.
  21. Lawsuits
    Lawyer Threatens to Sue Restaurant for Running Out of SoupHe claims the menu is a “binding contract” that the eatery “breached.”
  22. The Chain Gang
    Dairy Queen Owner Plasters Store With Extremely Strange Anti-Hindu SignsThe owner refuses to remove them because, he says, they’re “educational.”
  23. Presidential Bites
    Of Course Obama Stopped for Tacos in Texas TodayHe has no problem holding up his motorcade when good food is involved.
  24. Dinners Gone Wrong
    Clumsy Waiter Causes Steakhouse Nightmare by Accidentally Stabbing CustomerA woman left a Texas de Brazil with a two-inch gash in her arm.
  25. Food Fight
    Texans Are Really Pissed About Austin Claiming the Breakfast TacoA San Antonio resident even launched a Change.org petition to exile someone from the state.
  26. Mimosa Madness
    Here’s a $28 Mimosa Garnished With Caviar, Lobster, and a MuffinBartenders in Texas have unveiled a gonzo brunch cocktail that rivals even the most over-the-top Bloody Mary.
  27. Worth The Wait
    Craziest Facts About Franklin Barbecue’s LineNot even Kanye gets to cut.
  28. Milk Duds
    The Dairy Industry Is Reeling After a Freak Blizzard Killed 35,000 CowsFarmers say it could take up to a year to bounce back.
  29. Open Carry
    Texas Restaurant Offers Massive Discount to Customers Carrying GunsWhat could go wrong?
  30. Bold Moves
    Restaurant Predictably Declares Itself Politically Incorrect“We say Merry Christmas.”
  31. The Chain Gang
    A Texas Whataburger Refused to Serve Two Police OfficersThis has become an unfortunate trend.
  32. Crime
    A Cop Fired His Gun After a Waitress Told Him to Stop Groping HerIt was in a hotel hosting a law-enforcement event.
  33. Bans
    ‘Pot-Bellied’ Freedom-Fighter Gets Deep Fryers Reinstalled in Texas“This isn’t about fries, it’s about freedom.”
  34. Lawsuits
    Neighboring Restaurant Sues Twin Peaks for $1 Million in Biker-Brawl DamagesIt says the franchisee was “grossly negligent.”
  35. Crime
    After Biker-Gang Shooting, That Twin Peaks Outpost Will Never ReopenThe corporate office has terminated the location’s franchise agreement.
  36. Shortages
    Are High Prices to Blame for the Existence of the Texas Brisket Bandit?“It’s gold now.”
  37. Breastaurants
    World’s Most Depressing Taco Shop Forces Waitresses to Wear Lingerie onPlease never go to this restaurant.
  38. News
    The Texas Distiller Ousted From His Own Whiskey Company Will Now ReinventNo pressure or anything.
  39. Awful Things
    Some Diner Customers Called Their Waiter a Gay Slur on Their ReceiptAnd a manager allegedly apologized to the customers about it.
  40. Video Feed
    A Deli Employee Got Fired for Allegedly Taking Pictures of a Breastfeeding Mom“I got sweaty, I was so mad, but I didn’t know how to confront him.”
  41. Barrels and Barrels
    Boiling Points: A Texas Whisky Dispute Has Gotten Way Out of Hand“I should have put two in his chest,” the head distiller allegedly said.
  42. Lawsuits
    McDonald’s Ordered to Pay $27 Million to Families of 2 Teens Who DiedThe incident occurred in February of 2012.
  43. Open Carry
    Even the NRA Says Maybe Don’t Bring a Gun to a RestaurantThe organization says demonstrators have “crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness.”
  44. Bigotry
    Yelpers Made That Anti-Gay Texas Diner Into a Highly Rated Gay Bar“I hear the owner offers discounts to men in chaps.”
  45. Accomplishments
    Ultimate American Hero Eats Two 72-Ounce Steak Dinners in 15 Minutes“I wasn’t really going for time.”
  46. Arrests
    Pot Brownies Could Land Texas Teen in Prison for LifeHe baked hash oil into them, so police weighed the whole batch.
  47. Ham
    Texas Congressman Blew $30,000 of Campaign Funds on Ham and Godiva ChocolateThose hams were honey-baked, too.
  48. The Chain Gang
    KFC Company Launches Super Chix, a Chick-fil-A Rip-off“Hand-breaded” chicken sandwiches and “hand-cut” fries.
  49. Lawsuits
    Talladega Nights Studio Sues ‘Ricky Bobby’ BreastaurantDid the Ricky Bobby Saloon and Restaurant rip off the 2006 Will Ferrell movie?
  50. Beef
    Dozens of Armed Gun Advocates Protest Gun-Control Moms in Restaurant Parking LotWith semi-automatic rifles.
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