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  1. science
    Get Ready for ‘Easy-Peel’ AvocadosNo more unsightly hand gashes!
  2. c’mon man
    Grocery Chain in Hot Water After Chairman Labels White Men ‘Endangered Species’Female minorities are “in an extremely propitious period.”
  3. shortages
    Marmite Crisis Puts Britain on the Brink of Total CollapseBlame Brexit.
  4. Food Waste
    U.K. Supermarket Chain Vows to Fight Food Waste and Donate All Unsold ProductsThey’ll stop tossing perfectly good food by the end of next year.
  5. Hot Hot Heat
    World’s Nastiest New Chili Tricks You Into Thinking It’s Not SpicyThen it destroys you.
  6. Can’t Be Unseen
    England Can’t Stop Putting Penises on Its FoodNever mind the bollocks, indeed.
  7. Pranks
    Grocery Store Prankster Replaces Stodgy Wine Labels With More Hilarious Ones“Bitter clowns tears with a hint of suspicion. Great with lobster Therimdor.”
  8. Health Concerns
    Someone Mixed in Painkillers With Tesco’s Ice-Cream ConesPills have been found in two ice creams purchased in different towns.
  9. Rubbish!
    Supermarket Chain Accused of Carting Trash in Food-Delivery TrucksGarbage and groceries don’t mix.
  10. Leftovers
    The Pines Opens Its Backyard; Celebrate Mother’s Day at L’ArtusiPlus: Earth Day at Edi & the Wolf, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  11. Rinse Before Using
    Couple Who Found Dead Bird in Their Salad Really Just Need to Learn How to MakeSeriously, you missed a five-inch-long warbler carcass?
  12. Lame Broiled
    Burger King U.K. Admits There May Be a Little Horse in Its WhoppersThe fast-food chain says it’s going to make things right.
  13. Hamburger Helper
    Crafty English People Will Convert Horse Burgers Into Cozy Home HeatingA big mistake gets put to good use.
  14. Lame Broiled
    Some of U.K. Retailer Tesco’s Hamburgers Are Actually 29 Percent HorsemeatThey grill horses, don’t they?
  15. Mediavore
    Junk Food at Home Makes Kids Fat; Kraft Cuts JobsYoung folks are more likely to binge at home than at school.
  16. Mediavore
    El Carmen Is Having A Quinceañera; Lake Street Creamery Welcomed To MadA Third Street tequila bar is already turning fifteen while an ice cream truck’s Don Draper flavor gets applauded by the show itself.
  17. Mediavore
    Food Can Permanently Change Body Odor; Where To Find Thumb LollipopsA study of garlic and asparagus reveals eating’s effect on your smell, while Google Patents include some strange new food recipes.