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  1. L.A. Diet
    Grimm Actress Bree Turner Eats ‘Protein Infused Bread,’ Loves La Scala’s“My friend got me hooked on these raw almonds from Whole Foods…and I basically nosh on them all day.”
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Terroni Manager Lectures Walking Dead Producer on Her MaturityApparently, one must tread carefully when requesting to have their pizzas sliced.
  3. The Other Critics
    Gold Gets In Line for Terroni’s Fascism; Merrill Goes Manic for Mojitos atEven when denied his rights to substitutions, Mr. Gold likes Terroni, while Merrill Shindler boosts a South Bay Cuban restaurant.
  4. Chef Shuffles
    Chef Roger Hayot Joins Angel’s Supper ClubThe owner of Authentic Cafe is now cooking in Santa Monica.