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Terrible Customers

  1. terrible customers
    World’s Dumbest Dine-and-Dasher Runs Into Ocean to Avoid Paying Restaurant BillThe police had to arrest him on Jet Skis.
  2. terrible customers
    Group of 120 Diners Celebrating a Baptism Dines and Dashes at Spanish Restaurant“They left in a stampede,” the owner says.
  3. terrible customers
    Someone Complained About ‘Offensive’ Christmas Music on a Restaurant ReceiptSurely America has almost reached peak angry receipts.
  4. terrible customers
    Another Horrible Restaurant Customer Left a Hateful Receipt MessageWhy does this keep happening?
  5. terrible customers
    Man Tries Using Gun to Lower His Starbucks Refill by 75 CentsAnd now he’s in jail.
  6. terrible customers
    Watch a Trump Supporter Explode at Starbucks Over ‘White Discrimination’“I voted for Trump. Trump! You lost. Now give me my money back.”
  7. no good deed goes unpunished
    A Restaurant’s ‘Pay What You Want’ Policy Failed SpectacularlyThe owners lost $15,000 in a week.
  8. terrible customers
    Bold Customer Tries Leaving Restaurant One-Star Review After Skipping the BillFor the restaurant’s owner, revenge must feel good.
  9. tips
    Man Writes ‘Gay Is Wrong!’ Instead of Actual Tip on IHOP BillThis is the worst trend.