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Terrace 5

  1. The Future
    Now at MoMA: Picnics and Tweeting OvensOf course.
  2. Ask a Waiter
    Kyle Dureau Wants Shake Shack to Be Open 24/7 As Much As You Do Forty-three-year-old Kyle Dureau was working at Terrace 5 at MoMA when he was transferred to that other Danny Meyer outdoor eatery, the Shake Shack, three years ago. He still divides his time between the Shack — where he mans the cashier, makes custards, and flips the city’s most coveted burgers — and Blue Smoke, but the Shack will probably become his year-round home if certain rumors of expansion prove true. We got him to spill the beans (the ‘shrooms?) on those and other Shack secrets.