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  1. Cocktails
    Confirmed: Death & Co.’s Philip Ward Will Open Tequila BarWord is, it’ll be called Mayahuel.
  2. Help Wanted
    Hava TequilaKosher tequila to launch with Yiddish-singing shot girls.
  3. Mediavore
    Chefs Face a Tough Job Market; Starbucks Has a Recession PlanPlus: Dunkin’ Donuts would like to remind you that they sell doughnuts, and STK’s Todd Miller goes on a date with a Real Housewife, all in our morning news roundup.
  4. Recession Is Your Friend
    Free Tequila, All-You-Can-Eat BBQNew specials at the Delancey and Hill Country.
  5. Van Hagar
    Overheard at the Wine Shop Near Motorino, 8:30 p.m.Hipsters are picky about their tequila.