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  1. the grub street diet
    Edi Patterson Wants Her Steak Well Done“It tastes better, and I think more people should be okay with admitting that it’s the truth.”
  2. the grub street diet
    Playwright Katori Hall Learned How to Burn in the Kitchen“Not actually burn stuff, but cook really good.”
  3. the grub street diet
    Pamela Adlon Can’t Stop Cooking“I read cookbooks like they’re pornography.”
  4. the grub street diet
    Comedian Michelle Buteau Drinks Her Rosé on Ice“I’m living my best life like a fucking French person.”
  5. odes
    When Game of Thrones Is Gone, It’s the Food I’ll Miss MostEspecially the lemon cakes.
  6. Interviews
    A New Chef-Focused Show From the Director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi DebutsGrub Street sat down with David Gelb to talk about how Chef’s Table will differ from other food programs.
  7. Television
    MasterChef Junior Names Its Latest Adorable WinnerNathan Odom makes a mean tea tart.
  8. Marrow
    Harold Dieterle Avoids Show Tunes Whenever PossibleAlso, he’s now spending more on haircuts.
  9. Paula Deen
    Paula Deen Turned Down Dancing With the StarsIt could have been magical.
  10. Paula Deen
    Will Dancing With the Stars Sweep Paula Deen Off Her Feet?Come on, shake your body, Paula, do the conga.
  11. Quote of the Day
    Harold Dieterle on the Staying Power of Top ChefHint: It’s Tom Colicchio
  12. Television
    Fraiche Stars on ‘Curbed’Fraiche Santa Monica could use a boost, but it might not come from this recent “Curbed Your Enthusiasm.”
  13. Fictional Chefs
    Bobby Flay Isn’t an L.A. Chef, But He Plays One on TVBobbly Flay isn’t an L.A. restaurant owner, but he plays one on TV.