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  1. super fans
    Twitter Genius Proposes ‘Fab Ten’ Dinner With Every Queer Eye Cast Member EverTed Allen, Jai Rodriguez, Karamo Brown, and Carson Kressley say they’re in.
  2. interviews
    Queer Eye Is Back — Meet the Show’s New Food Expert“I like to complicate things, but it’s not about me. It’s about the person that we’re helping.”
  3. The Feeding Tube
    Stephen Colbert Thinks ‘Every Day Is Like’ Chopped“Your guests tonight are veal tongue, coffee grounds, and gummy bears. There, make a show.”
  4. Awards
    Mario Batali and Ted Allen Headlining This Year’s James Beard FoundationThis year’s awards theme is “Sounds and the City,” which will be all about the “enduring relationship between music and food.”
  5. Awards Season
    Switcheroos: Stanley Tucci Out, Oliver Platt in As James Beard Awards HostThe awards ceremony takes place on May 6.
  6. Stir And Deliver
    The New Yorker Finds Food TV Hard to Stomach“The Contessa was clearly my soul mate.”
  7. Awards Season
    Stanley Tucci Hosting the 2013 James Beard AwardsAnd Ted Allen, too.
  8. Interviews
    Ted Allen on His New Book, Crushing Chefs’ Dreams, and“The show was originally a lot more elaborate. It was set in a mansion, the host was a butler, and the butler held a Chihuahua.”
  9. Celebrity Settings
    Ted Allen Is Coming to Union Square Tomorrow
  10. James Beard Awards
    WBEZ, Ted Allen Win at James Beard Media AwardsEx-Chicagoan outdoes Chicagoans at James Beard journalism awards.
  11. Foodievents
    An Iron Chef, a Chopped Host and Foxy Brown Walk Into a Bar“It’s the most satisfying meal you’ll have all year.”
  12. What to Eat
    Red Cat Puts Bacon Tempura Back on the Menu. Yes, Fried Bacon.Go. Now.
  13. Contests
    Just Don’t Ask About Queer EyeWin dinner with Ted Allen.
  14. Foodievents
    Who’s Going To Be At Chicago Gourmet?Martial Noguier, Alpana Singh, and dozens of other Chicago culinary figures will take the stage.
  15. Mediavore
    Strip Clubs Lose the Kobe; Chocolate Mousse is So Hot Right NowPlus: The House passes new food-safety bill, and New York schools violate nutritional guidelines, all in our morning news roundup.
  16. The New York Diet
    Ted Allen Samples Italian at Terminal 5 in JFK, Frequents Senegalese in BK’Chef Abdoul cooks really personal, vibrant international food with lots of Senegalese and French notes; amazing stuff.’
  17. TV Land
    Chopped Has Some Fans, TooSome found Ted Allen’s new show refreshing and entertaining.
  18. TV Land
    Critics Cut Chopped to Pieces’Chopped isn’t a ripoff of Top Chef — it’s a cheap, maddening ripoff of Top Chef.’
  19. Beef
    Ted Allen on Top Chef: Brainwashing, Catfights, and Product PlacementThe former judge explains why he likes his new show better.
  20. TV Land
    New Food Network Shows Are Kind of Like ‘Top Chef’ and ‘DirtyTed Allen’s new show finds him steering back into ‘Top Chef’ territory.
  21. Top Chef
    More From Tom and Padma: Guest Judges, Food As Foreplay, and Colicchio As SexMore ‘Top Chef’ talk from today’s conference call. Turns out most of the season was shot in Brooklyn!
  22. Tony Tony Tony
    After ‘At the Table’ Bombs, Anthony Bourdain Confronts theMiddle Americans pretty much hated Anthony Bourdain’s new talk show.
  23. Terminal Cases
    Chefs, Bloomberg Christen JetBlue’s Food Court of the FutureSee photos from Terminal 5’s soft opening.
  24. NewsFeed
    Ted Allen Shows Gangstas How to Keep It RealBy making a cameo appearance on MTV’s “From G’s to Gents.”
  25. NewsFeed
    Ted Allen Continues to Bore TV Viewers’Food Detectives’ may be the perfect show for the bland personality.
  26. Mediavore
    Empire State Tomatoes Safe; How ‘Top Chef’ Judging WorksThe five steps to becoming a locavore, a preview of the ‘Food & Wine’ Classic in Aspen, and more, in our morning digest of news and gossip.
  27. NewsFeed
    Tom Colicchio Chased by BearsThis whole Tom Colicchio–as–bear thing has gotten out of hand. Anybody who’s ever looked at a Tom of Finland album can tell you that it takes more than a bald head and a vaguely burly frame to be a bear. “Coleek” doesn’t even have a mustache! And yet there is Queer Eye alum Ted Allen, in his Top Chef blog, propagating the Ursine Mystique even further: “While I would love to see Tom cooking in stilettos and a teddy as much as the next guy, it’s not likely to happen — at least, not on television. He’d lose all his cred with the ‘bear’ community.” Scandalous!
  28. Foodievents
    Mario Batali Is a Kobe Human, and Other Great Lines From His RoastMario Batali looked bigger than life last night, as he sat in a carved wooden throne taking punches from speaker after speaker at his celebrity roast at Capitale. The event, which benefited the Food Bank of New York, was simultaneously tame and vulgar: Every imaginable anatomical insult was made, but there was barely a mention of Super Mario’s actual partying practices, which are legendary in restaurant circles. Rachael Ray and Rocco DiSpirito, neither of whom were present, took far worse abuse. Still, the roasters, who ranged from Sarah Silverman and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to Anthony Bourdain, got the merry pasta mogul pretty good.