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  1. The 8 Gadgets You Need to Make Family Cooking EasierProfessional chef Angela Davis shares her secret weapons to make cooking for her family easier — and dare we say, a bit more fun.
  2. the future
    Future Arrives As IBM Unveils Its Portable ‘E-Tongue’ TechnologyIt uses AI and transfers data to an app.
  3. the chain gang
    The Trouble With TabletsWorkers say they have a couple of issues with the tech designed to make their lives easier.
  4. technology
    Google Maps Now Gives Directions Based on Fast-Food Locations“Turn left after Burger King.”
  5. technology
    Google Is Adding Restaurant Wait Times to Search ResultsYou’ll soon just Google whether your favorite spot has a long table wait.
  6. the chain gang
    KFC Has Made the World’s First Store Where You Pay by FaceJust stand really still in front of a facial-recognition device.
  7. apps
    Shazam for Food Is Actually Maybe RealPic2Recipe promises to — you guessed it — use pictures to identify recipes.
  8. the future
    A New App Pays People to Recommend RestaurantsAtlis is positioning itself as a strong competitor to Yelp.
  9. coming soon
    Fully Automated All-Quinoa Restaurant Coming to MidtownSan Francisco–based Eatsa is the chain of the future.
  10. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Has Hired Its First-Ever Chief Technology OfficerAn executive from Adobe is coming aboard to help “power Starbucks into the future.”
  11. Apps
    OpenTable Tries Charging for ‘Premium’ ReservationsIt’s entering a crowded field that includes apps like Resy and Reserve.
  12. Technology
    Google Now Tells You Exactly When to Avoid Popular RestaurantsThe search giant has added business rush hours to its results.
  13. Game Changers
    In the Future, All Our Food Will Just Be Dippin’ DotsSoon we will eat nothing but taco “caviar” while drinking margarita “caviar.”
  14. Technology
    Restaurants’ Facebook Pages Now Include Reviews From New York andThe brand-new feature also features reviews from Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, Eater, and the San Francisco Chronicle.
  15. News You Can Booze
    The New PDT App Is What You Should Download Instead of Paula Deen’s SillyIt provides step-by-step notes on how to make the beloved bar’s specialty drinks.
  16. Cocktails
    Google Now Gives Instructions for Mixing DrinksIt even tells you which glassware to use.
  17. Please Hold
    This Restaurant Gives a Discount for Putting Your Cell Phone in a BoxIt’s the owner’s humanitarian response to “a decline in conversation among customers.”
  18. Food Safety
    New Chrome Extension Adds Health Ratings to Seamless ListingsKnow before you go.
  19. Virtual Poultry
    Someone Made a Virtual Reality Environment to Help Factory-Farmed Chickens ThinkThere’s nobody here but us virtual chickens.
  20. Science
    Scientists Develop Bomb-Detecting Baby SpinachLittle Shop of Horrors IRL.
  21. Technology
    New Google Service Provides Same-Day Grocery DeliveryGood-bye, Google Reader. Hello, Shopping Express!
  22. Apps to Apples
    You Can Now Use OpenTable and Foursquare via Evernote FoodIt eliminates the need for human interaction.
  23. Technology
    Computers to Satisfy Food Cravings and Take Over the WorldIBM scientists aim to make healthy eating easy and satisfying.
  24. Technology
    Boston’s Edible Packaging FutureCan I eat that?
  25. App-etizing
    Diners, Drive-ins, and Your iPhoneFood Network released a new free app, On the Road.
  26. Technology
    Texting For Your Next MealWelcome to the future.
  27. Video Feed
    Introducing Burritob0t, a Burrito-Making RobotSee the video.
  28. Phone-play
    ‘Down on All Petit Fours’And other dirty-foodie things to sext when you’re tipsy tonight.
  29. Technology
    Six Privacy-Violating Technologies Bars Should EmployBars are installing a new facial-recognition tool, but that’s just the beginning of what they could be doing to violate our privacy.
  30. Mediavore
    Manage Food Allergies Online with Foodie.fmA new website for finding allergy friendly recipes and products is now beta testing.
  31. The Future
    The Future of Vending Machines, RevealedAnd really, what else matters?
  32. Technology
    Are Restaurant Apps All That App-etizing?Get ready to argue over the check via computer.
  33. Mediavore
    Philadelphia Union Scores With a Bimbo; Hospitality Sector Adds 25,000 New JobsPlus McDonald’s Fruit and Maple oatmeal doesn’t actually contain any maple syrup, and concerns over dioxin-tainted animal feed spreads to France and Denmark, all in our morning news roundup.
  34. Looking Forward
    In the Future, There Will Be No StovesA Michigan company is pushing technology that could make them obsolete.
  35. Mediavore
    Stars Align for Selling Off of PA’s State-Owned Liquor Stores; BisonPlus South Carolina governor Mark Sanford now spends less on food, and the time is right to finally try kombucha, all in our daily news roundup.
  36. Trends
    This Is How You’ll Eat in 2020Get ready for robot servers and flying food trucks.
  37. Beer Me
    City Tap House’s Beer 2.0 Is Kind of Like Big Brother With a DrinkingThe program makes a record of what you drink that you can recall with any web browser.
  38. Technology
    Xipwire Pilots its Pay-by-Phone Program at PodThe new payment service gives users the ability to pay by text message.
  39. Trimmings
    Will Menus Be Replaced by MenuPads?Plus, order White Castles electronically.
  40. Philly Beer Week
    Philly Beer Week: There’s an App for ThatWeb-based app makes beer week planning easier.
  41. Inedible Apps
    Yowza!! Launches Digital Coupons App for Guests and OwnersStores and restaurants have a cheap way to get discounts into clients’ hands.
  42. Cookbooks
    Will Cookbooks Die at the Hand of the iPad?iTunes-style single-recipe downloads and the possibility of recipe-specific video could mean a new frontier in home cooking. Or could it?
  43. Digital Dishes
    Giiv.com Texts Digital Gifts of Wine and ChocolateA digital gift-giving service exists for the forgetful.