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Taye Diggs

  1. Celebrity Settings
    Jennifer Aniston Takes Date to Meet Dad at Delmonico’s; Gwen Stefani Sups atWe’re crossing our fingers that it works out for Jen this time!
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Stevie Wonder Finds a Place in the Sun at Gladstone’s; Katherine Heigl EatsAnd in other not-so-surprising news, underage Miley Cyrus appears to have gotten plastered again.
  3. Ask a Waiter
    Model-Waitress Courtney Yates of Coffee Shop Gets $250 Tips From Taye DiggsCourtney Yates isn’t bothered that customers stereotype her because she’s one of the many Coffee Shop servers who also happen to be working models (you may have seen her in a Belvedere ad shot by Terry Richardson). “People come in with a chip on their shoulder,” she says, “but once you show that you’re a complicated human being, it’s out the window. I know I’m not stupid.”