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  1. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks May Let Baristas Show Their TattoosThe company is “rethinking” workplace morale.
  2. Bad Ideas
    A Guy Got a Gordon Ramsay Butt Tattoo With ‘Ramsay’ MisspelledEvery food writer learns early in their career that it’s not spelled “Ramsey.”
  3. Fever for Lefebvre
    Mr. Cartoon Inks Ludo LefebvreThe chef gets an L.A. Dodgers logo in gothic script.
  4. The Week in Sports
    NBA Guard Sports Roscoe’s InkL.A.-local Brandon Jennings pays homage to a favorite restaurant.
  5. Trends
    The L.A. Times Further Drives Tattooed Chefs Theme Into The GroundEven Orange County exhausted this one before the L.A. Times got to it.
  6. Tattoos
    For Chefs, Tattoos Are The New Bacon … Except More PermanentWhat ever happened to plain old knife wounds?
  7. Tattoos
    Andy Husbands Wants Your Body (Art) for His RestaurantAndy Husbands would like a photo of your body art, please.
  8. Personalities
    Chris Santos Is a Dork for PorkThe Beauty & Essex chef has some telling tattoos.
  9. Highly Questionable
    Tat-trocities!Food-related body-ink disasters.
  10. Other Magazines
    The Photo of Guy Fieri You Will Never Be Able to ForgetPlus, more choice nuggets from the latest issue of ‘Food Network Magazine.’
  11. Branding
    Employees Only for LifeThe owners of Employees Only have matching tats.
  12. Other Magazines
    New Issue of ‘Edible Brooklyn’ Exposes Awesome Cheeseburger TattooPlus, a look at how your Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is made.
  13. NewsFeed
    Rachael Ray Tattoo: Yum-O or ‘Um, No’?Okay, an Anthony Bourdain tattoo? Maybe. But Rachael Ray?