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  1. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Distilleries to Drink at in New YorkWhere to go when you want to taste your local booze before you buy it.
  2. Marketing Gimmicks
    Got a Grown-Up Geek? Take Them to Vampire Lounge, Now Open in 90210Vampire Vineyards has a new lounge that they claim is “owned by a circle of vampires,” because some kids are just too big for Giggles ‘n Hugs.
  3. Closings
    Randolf Wine Cellars Closes, New Concept to Take Its PlaceRandolph Wine Cellars had been a fixture of the West Loop.
  4. Coming Soon
    Wine Expo’s Tasting Room Expected in Early SummerExpect salumi to go with the insane collection of Italian varietals.
  5. Blehtacular
    Oyster Stout Comes and Goes at The Tasting KitchenOyster stout fills pint-glasses on Abbot-Kinney.
  6. Openings
    Josephine’s Plans to Serve ‘Killer Brunch’ in Tasting RoomLet’s hope, since the waits at nearby Café Habana and Café Colonial can be pretty much unbearable.
  7. Openings
    Still-Not-Open La Otra Taunts East VillagersLesly Bernard’s Permanent Brunch is a month away, but what about his other project with the Tasting Room’s Colin Alevras?
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Colin Alevras Makes Cuban Moves; BBQ Truck Welcome on Beer IslandAsiate chef brings dumplings and shaved ice to Carroll Gardens, and a Shake Shack versus West Coast burger comparison.
  9. Neighborhood Watch
    Sweet Melissa Brings Specialty Sundaes to Cobble Hill; Tasting Room on LastWhere to sample a whole new world of frozen-yogurt flavors in the West Village, and where to find free burgers and beer in Astoria, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  10. Mediavore
    Beard Awards Get ‘Sex’y; Pizza.com Selling for $2.6 MilA Sex and the City star will host the James Beard Awards, the domain pizza.com is selling for over $2.6 million, and the Patsy’s v. Patsy’s trial rages on.
  11. Mediavore
    Department of Agriculture Sued Over Beef; Skip Wine Pairings in Top RestaurantsThe Humane Society filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Agriculture Department, alleging the bureau has created a legal loophole that consistently permits potentially sick cows to enter the food supply. [NYT] The City Council’s bill to place more fruit-and-vegetable street vendors in poor neighborhoods could hurt business for grocery stores and bodegas in those neighborhoods. [NYT] Even with a reservation, dining at hot spots in L.A. can be just as bad, if not worse, than in New York. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
  12. Ask a Waiter
    Jonathan White of the Tasting Room Loves His Weeds Jonathan White was a server at Perry Street before he started work at the Tasting Room last year, when the Haute Barnyard fixture moved to its larger location. “The main reason,” White says of his job change, “was to get into that relaxed environment where you have more autonomy and you can interact with the guests” — to the point, apparently, where they feel comfortable telling him he looks like Fidel Castro (he’s also gotten Lenin, Chekhov, and Shakespeare). We asked White (who is actually a writer) to give us just a little taste of his day job.
  13. Restroom Report
    Tippling and Tinkling at the Tasting Room Café The Tasting Room may have moved to bigger digs, but its venerable espresso machine remains at its old location, which was rechristened the Tasting Room Wine Bar & Café in February. It’s unlikely that the best espresso in the city will do Starbucks-style damage, but just in case, we sussed out the restrooms.
  14. The Underground Gourmet
    It’s Alive! The Tasting Room’s Kimchee-and-Cheese Sandwich When Slow Food practitioner Colin Alevras, the chef-owner of the Tasting Room and as familiar a Greenmarket presence as corn in August, sets out to make a cheese sandwich for his new Tasting Room Wine Bar & Café, you don’t expect him to slap together some Kraft singles between two slices of Pepperidge Farm whole wheat and call it a day. No, what you expect is great, local ingredients, cleverly combined. What you expect is what our colleague, Adam Platt, would undoubtedly call a sandwich conceived and crafted in the Haute Barnyard style.
  15. The Other Critics
    Chef Goes From ‘Gag’ to GreatThis week, the food scribes turned in more raves than rants. Naturally, we lead with a rant. • Frank Bruni, bucking the beau monde and betting odds, comes down with both feet on Freemans, the hipster hideaway beloved by downtown boulevardiers. (NYT)