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  1. underground gourmet
    A Tasting Menu You’ll Actually LoveIt’s $99, in Astoria, and only served one night per week.
  2. the underground gourmet
    A Tasting Menu That Ends With Plenty of LeftoversBird Dog offers the most useful luxury of all.
  3. feature
    This Tasting Menu Tastes Like PotA cross-country dive into high-flying, super-high dollar cannabis cuisine.
  4. restaurant review
    Tasting Mennui at SagaThe views are spectacular, but the cooking treads familiar high-end territory.
  5. restaurant review
    Oxalis Is Not Your Garden-Variety Neighborhood BistroYoung chef Nico Russell has ambition and creativity to spare at his fine-dining restaurant in Crown Heights.
  6. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Tasting Menus in New YorkThe top spots tend to be small and intimate chef’s counters where you can watch your dinner take shape.
  7. openings
    Here’s the Full Tasting Menu From Flynn McGarry’s Ambitious New Restaurant GemThe 19-year-old chef is charging $155 for dinner.
  8. restaurant review
    Italienne Succeeds Most When It Keeps Things SimpleIt’s designed to be two restaurants in one, but two cuisines and two menus can be too much.
  9. Trendlet
    Adam Platt Ranks 6 of Our Favorite New Tasting MenusOver the last several months, newly refurbished tasting ateliers, discreet dining bars, and elaborately conceived chef’s menus have been popping up with such frequency that it’s hard to keep track of them all.
  10. Menu Changes
    Alex Stupak’s New Tasting MenuThe chef will slowly roll out the new format after the restaurant reopens on April 28.
  11. Planned Service Changes
    Jersey City’s Excellent Thirty Acres Is Switching to a Tasting-Menu-OnlyThe bar will still be open for snacks.
  12. Planned Service Changes
    The New Tasting Menu at Huertas Is Only $55Savory courses might include sliced duck breast with duck liver, heart, and carrots served with a red txakoli.
  13. Closings
    Tribeca’s Le Restaurant and All Good Things Market Will Close SundayThe venue debuted in the fall of 2012.
  14. Set Menu
    Blanca’s Carlo Mirachi on the High Cost of Tasting Menus“At the end of the day, you don’t open a restaurant like Blanca because you want to make a lot of money.”
  15. Fantastisk!
    Aska Adds a Ten-Course Weekend Tasting MenuThe Scandinavian restaurant is shaking things up.
  16. The Other Critics
    David Ansill and Bar Ferdinand Are a ‘Remarkable Pairing’; SearedRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  17. The Tab
    America’s Most Expensive Tasting Menu Is $1,160 (for Two)That’s really a lot of money.
  18. Tasting Tyranny
    How ‘Tyrannical’ Are Fine-Dining Restaurants Really? NewFour hours of oppression at Blanca.
  19. Menus
    Chris Painter Introduces Tasting Menus at Il PittoreGoing forward the menus will change as ingredients come in and out of season.
  20. Grub Guide
    Five Tantalizing Tasting Menus to Check Out This WeekHere’s more reasons to dine in the burbs, eat game, and get in touch with autumn harvest.
  21. Prix Fixes
    La Calaca Feliz Adds Tasting MenusPrix fixe fever sweeps through another restaurant.
  22. Prix Fixes
    Sbraga Announces Themes For This Fall’s Chef’s Counter DinnersThe tasting menus cover Halloween and Thanksgiving, as well as Jewish, Italian, and Puerto Rican holiday celebrations.
  23. Prix Fixes
    Ansill Adds Nose-to-Tail to His Tasting Menu RepertoireThe chef returns to familiar territory for his next round of tastings.
  24. Menu Changes
    Whole Roasted Suckling Pigs Go On the Menu at MatysonSoft shell crabs get the boot, and whole roasted suckling pigs go on.
  25. Prix Fixes
    Ansill Explores Jamon With His Latest Tasting Menu at Bar FerdinandHam is on for tomorrow’s tasting, and there’s more prix fixe menus on the way.
  26. Foodievents
    Chip Roman Raises the Titanic With a One-Night-Only Tasting MenuRoman will replicate the last ten dishes served on the Titanic’s fateful voyage.
  27. Menus
    Matyson Puts Forth an Ambitious Duck Tasting MenuThe totally quacked up menu offers some mind blowing creations.
  28. Menus
    It’s Not Scarf Weather Yet, But Matyson’s Pushing Fall FlavorsThe menu doesn’t necessarily push the season prematurely, but fall flavors represent.
  29. Menus
    Where to Eat For National Escargot DayChefs celebrate the snail with special tasting menus.
  30. In Season
    Ramp Rage: Amanda Cohen Says ‘Ramps Are for Worship, Not for Dinner’“Are you crazy? Cook with the God of All Vegetables whose coming is greeted every spring with hosannas and hymns?”
  31. Prix Fixes
    Matyson Seeks Input For Its Tasting MenuThe chef is opening up the floor for tasting menu suggestions.
  32. Menu Changes
    Tonight Vetri Goes All Prix Fixe All the TimeStarting tonight Vetri will only offer prix fixe tasting menus.
  33. Menus
    Distrito’s Maria Schmidt Charts a Course For OaxacaDistrito’s Chef De Cuisine collaborated with her boss the Iron Chef to come up with a menu that explores Mexico’s Oaxaca region.
  34. Menu Changes
    Long Live Fine Dining: Vetri Eighty-Sixes A La CarteThe changes buck the trends that have other restaurants going more casual.
  35. Health Concerns
    Hey, Did You Know That Tasting Menus Are Super-Calorific?In fact, some of them exceed the USDA’s suggested daily allowance.
  36. Menu Changes
    Say It Ain’t So: Meritage Discontinues Korean Fried ChickenThe weekly Korean fried chicken special is being replaced with a tasting menu inspired by Chef Anne Coll’s grandmother’s traditional Lancaster County recipes.
  37. Menus
    Tonight Chip Roman’s Weekly Tasting Menu Focuses on LambThe weekly dinner offers four courses for $45.
  38. Menus
    Meritage’s Vegan Tasting Menu Gets the Autumnal TreatmentAlong with updating the restaurant’s a la carte menu, Anne Coll puts a new seasonal spin on the weekly vegan tasting menu too.
  39. Menus
    Garces Gets His Ducks in a Row at ChifaChifa celebrates Duck Week with new dishes and a tasting menu.
  40. Menus
    For Fall Tinto Introduces an Apples and Cider Tasting MenuThe dishes will showcase fall flavors, Basque traditions and an optional cider pairing.
  41. Menus
    Vetri Introduces New Autumn MenusThe new menus will change slightly as the season advances, but the tasting and grand tasting menus will remain the same.
  42. Menus
    Blvd 16 Offers Tasting Menu to L.A. Restaurant WorkersSimon Dolinky offers a deal to chase Restaurant Week.
  43. Mediavore
    David Beckham Studies the Art of Pasta; Martha Stewart Attempts Pole-DancingOne soccer celeb learns Italian cooking and one cooking celeb tries sexy dance moves.
  44. Mediavore
    Food Needs Spike Across State; Blend It Like BeckhamPlus: tasting menus get cheaper, and medical tweezers in the kitchen, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Price Check
    Ko Hikes PricesFor lunch and dinner.
  46. Menu Changes
    After 30 Years, Chanterelle Ends Tasting-Menu TyrannyThe Tribeca standby is offering à la carte dinner options for the first time.
  47. Recession Is Your Friend
    Del Posto Slashes Tasting-Menu Prices, Zagat Still Looking for $295 a HeadMario Batali’s priciest joint is the latest to get the message.
  48. By the Glass
    What to Drink With Corton’s $110, Seven-Course Tasting Menu: Root BeerThe suddenly trendy beverage makes its way into one of Corton’s cocktails.