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    Is Bob Dylan’s New Whiskey Any Good?A whiskey superfan and a Bob Dylan superfan taste test Bob Dylan’s new whiskey.
  2. Taste Tests
    Pumpkin Spice Latte Burgers Are Exactly As Dreadful As They Sound“It’s almost like they want you to hate it.”
  3. Taste Tests
    The Great American Sriracha Taste-OffIs Tabasco’s new sriracha possibly better than Huy Fong’s beloved variety?
  4. Spam
    New ‘Spam Cognition Theory’ Proves Everyone Still Hates ItAs in fake meat, not mail.
  5. Taste Tests
    Which Shack Has the Best ShackBurger?The creator of the Fake Shack finds out.
  6. Taste Tests
    The ‘Best’ Cupcake in the CitySerious Eats goes on an epic taste test.
  7. Mediavore
    Taste-Testing Dry Rosés; Americans Are Drinking Less Beer
  8. Stunts
    Ruff Times: Freelance Journalist Eats Dog Food for SurvivalA reporter hosts a “fancy feast.”
  9. Taste Test
    HBO Wants You to Drink Its BloodWe taste-test the latest TV tie-in beverage, Tru Blood.
  10. Taste Test
    These Doughnuts!Forget Tim Hortons versus Dunkin Donuts; try these old-timers.
  11. Taste Tests
    The Tim Hortons–Dunkin’ Donuts Showdown: Day 1Did the blogosphere prefer the new Canuck import to Dunkin’?
  12. Taste Tests
    Pâté or Dog Food? Most People Can’t Tell the DifferenceA recent study shows that people can’t tell the difference between liverwurst and dog food, either.
  13. Taste Tests
    First Taste: Red Mango’s Mysterious New Tangomonium FlavorIs it good enough to make Red Mango devotees switch flavors, or Pinkberry devotees switch brands?
  14. Taste Tests
    It’s in the Water: Why New York Slices RuleA panel of experts determines whether pizza made from Chicago, L.A., or New York water is best.
  15. In the Magazine
    What’s the Big Deal About Stumptown Coffee?In the magazine this week: a profile of Stumptown founder Duane Sorenson, the Underground Gourmet goes to Sorella, and housemade Mallomars.
  16. Taste Tests
    Battle of the Artichoke SlicesHow does Nino’s stack up against Artichoke?
  17. Taste Tests
    Diddy Struggles With the Eternal Question: Popeyes or KFC?The latest celebrity food blogger, Sean Combs, conducts a taste test.
  18. Taste Tests
    Store-bucks vs. InstantThe results of a blind taste test pitting Starbucks’ new instant coffee against its in-store brew.
  19. Taste Test
    Taste Test: Momofuku’s Strawberry Milk vs. NesquikWe asked twenty New Yorkers which strawberry milk they preferred in a blind taste test.