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  1. food trends
    People Are Paying Top Dollar for a Limited-Edition Golden Girls CerealIt’s going for $8 per box at Target, which is a small price to pay for being a pal and a confidante.
  2. grocery wars
    Is Kroger About to Merge With Target?Amazon fears may have two of America’s largest grocers aiming to join forces.
  3. goose eggs
    Target Dumps Hampton CreekIt’s a significant blow for the Just Mayo producer.
  4. more bad eggs
    Target Has Pulled All of Hampton Creek’s Products Over Food Safety ConcernsThe claims include that the products are mislabeled and include pathogens.
  5. News You Can Booze
    Target Might Try Letting People Drink Booze While They ShopThe company has applied for a liquor license in Chicago to test the idea.
  6. Target
    Target Wants to Overhaul Its Groceries to Be More Like Whole FoodsThe company is reportedly working to put a stronger emphasis on fresh, healthy-sounding foods.
  7. Marketing Gimmicks
    Sure, Soup Is Good, But Will It Ever Be Hip?The ploy might help boost sales in the short term.
  8. Grocery Wars
    Downtown Feels Shunned by Whole Foods and Trader Joe’sMeanwhile, other big box grocers are wisely moving in on the turf.
  9. Mediavore
    Pasadena Police Shoot Taco Truck Thief; Paul Krekorian Loves Henry’s TacosA second suspect was arrested in yet another crime against taco town.
  10. Mediavore
    No Bushwhacking Reported in Machete-Led Raid on Indian Grocery Store; Jocks andHomeless and needy get organic and local dinners for Thanksgiving; and McDonald’s and Target give inhumane egg supplier the boot, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. Mediavore
    Tracking Tapas and Ramen Through L.A.; Target Plans 100% Sustainable Fish SalesS. Irene Virbila looks at five places to get your small plates on, while Andrew Froug maps out the bubbling ramen scene.
  12. Mediavore
    Faneuil Hall’s New Landlord Promises Interesting Attractions; Sriracha Can BePlus sustainable seafood at Target and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  13. Coming Soon
    City Winery Hopes to Saturate West Loop with WineCity Winery is still planning to move to Chicago.
  14. Coming Soon
    Target Teams Up with Pret A MangerHopefully, they’ll start putting Prets in every Target across the nation.
  15. Scolds
    Greenpeace Disappointed in Supermarket SeafoodEveryone needs to try harder. Especially you, Trader Joe’s.
  16. L.A. Diet
    Beth Littleford Eats Spicy Noodles in Her Car, Drinks Iced Tea Everywhere“Thank God I was alone in my car, because this was worse than wasted teenager or savage. This was full-on simian.”
  17. Mediavore
    It’s a Nice Day for a White Castle Wedding; Subway Opens in Union StationA couple ties the knot at a burger chain, while the sandwich franchise opens its 600th L.A. store.
  18. In the Loop
    Target Confirms Loop StoreTarget comes to State Street.
  19. Coming Soon
    Target Close to Confirming Loop LocationTarget has been expanding its grocery options for a year now.
  20. Fraudulent Foodstuff
    Those Blueberries in Your Cereal Are Impostors!Major food manufacturers dupe customers into buying fake-blueberry-laced products.
  21. Mediavore
    DeNiro’s Waiter Jab Causes Bad Taste in Golden Globe Mouths; Food Banks Turn ToThe actor draws gasps from a shocked crowd while food banks resort to accepting their least desired items.
  22. Mediavore
    Baked Now Offering Brownie Mix; Breakfast Pizza Having a MomentPlus: Walgreens wants to sell you sushi, Sri Lanka’s flooding likely to affect food prices, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  23. Booze You Can Use
    New Target Store Will Sell Booze
  24. Empire Building
    Another New Supermarket Tries to Sweep DowntownRio Ranch Market plans a 24/7 store on Cesar Chavez to compete with Target and Ralph’s and possible words of warning for Trader Joe’s.
  25. Mediavore
    Plastic Bags Banned by L.A. County; French and Mexican Foods Need ProtectionUnincorporated areas of L.A. will see plastic grocery bags phased out, while The U.N. starts looking to save cultural cuisine.
  26. Mediavore
    U.N. Declares French, Mexican Cuisines Endangered; Red Wine Can Pair Well WithPlus: Extra-virgin olive oil not the best for cooking, megaretailers see gains in food sales, and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  27. Mediavore
    McFadden’s Calls Racism Suit a ‘Work of Fiction;’ Olive OilPlus 15 percent of US households had trouble getting enough to eat last year, and California figures out a way to gauge how local food really is, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. Mediavore
    Lindsay Lohan Rejects Father’s Chinese Food Delivery; Food Becomes a Focus ofThe star objects to an unannounced, if potentially tasty, visit, while Barney’s and Vogue are hungry for chefs and edibles.
  29. Mediavore
    Krispy Kreme Rolls Out a New Business Strategy; Even in a Recession Business IsPlus North Koreans are defecting to South Kore and China due to food shortages, and reusable bags from Wal-Mart and Target contain lead, all in our morning news roundup.
  30. Mediavore
    7-11 Scrambles For President Obama’s Slurpee Summit; Where to Eat in AfghanistanThe chain takes the President’s words seriously, while a writer looks at dining out in a war-torn country.
  31. Openings
    North End Stop & Shop Not a Done DealWould you rather see a Stop & Shop or Target in the Bulfinch Triange;?
  32. Lawsuits
    Restaurants Sue Over Cali’s ‘Like A Virgin’ Olive OilAmong those accused of cutting their product are Rachel Ray, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Target, and KMart.
  33. Video Feed
    Greenpeace Blesses Target’s SeafoodA new list gives the green light to seafood buying at Target, Whole Foods, and Safeway.
  34. Mediavore
    Chef Eric Greenspan Returns to Reality T.V.; Yoga and Food UniteThe Foundry chef takes on a new role, while snacks get served in exercise studios.
  35. Mediavore
    Whole Foods Rewards Healthy Workers; Growlers Are So Hot Right NowPlus: Airport restaurants see crowds and yoga and food worlds collide, all in our morning news roundup.
  36. Mediavore
    Aquitaine Cited; Buy a House at the Grocery StorePlus: healthier food for Massachusetts kids, and yoga and food collide, all in our morning news roundup.
  37. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay’s Mistress Teams with Tiger’s; The Meat House Comes to CaliTwo scandal-ridden ladies join forces to help others while a boutique butcher store comes to O.C. from New England.
  38. Mediavore
    How to Tip on BYO Wine; The Dangers of Eating Bear
  39. Mediavore
    Riverside’s Tap Water Named Second Worst; A Real Housewife Works onRiverside has a reason to worry at the tap and Teresa Giudice has a new project.
  40. Mediavore
    You Could Live in Brigham’s; The Perils of Bear MeatPlus: a Real Housewife writes a cookbook, and Target’s misleading soy milk ads, all in our morning news roundup.
  41. Mediavore
    Westfield Culver City Debuts; Leafy Greens Offer Highest Risk of Food IllnessCulver City debuts the rebirth of its biggest mall, while farmer’s are concerned new legislation will sap their profits.
  42. Mediavore
    Lights Out at The Four Seasons; Fro-Yo Battle Carries OnPlus: Bigger taxes could mean bigger tips, and more groceries at Target, all in our morning news roundup.
  43. Reopenings
    Criscitelli Family Increases Its Power Grip on Little ItalySal Anthony’s SPQR will be the sixth restaurant it owns on Mulberry Street.
  44. NewsFeed
    Bocuse d’Or Short List Out ThursdaySixteen chefs have a chance to appear at the cooking Olympics.
  45. User’s Guide
    Taste Test: Bethenny Frankel’s MuffinsGrub Street world headquarters was graced today with a gift from “Celebrity Natural-Food Chef” and Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel.
  46. NewsFeed
    McNally’s Bowery Project Already Being ProtestedJohn Penley, the “slack-tivist” who protested the Bowery Wine Company the other week, is not happy.
  47. NewsFeed
    Knitting Factory Clinches Move to WilliamsburgAnd is leaving its mark in Spokane and Boise, too.
  48. NewsFeed
    Time to Start Thinking About A Taste of New YorkAnyone involved with the madness that was A Taste of New York last year won’t need much convincing to go back. (We gave a hint of the proceedings the next morning.) This year, 40 major restaurants will serve their best, champagne will flow like Red Bull during finals, and everyone will dress well. (No promises for Bill Telepan.) The 2007 Taste of New York will be held November 5 at the Puck Building. General admission is $145; the VIP Preview preceding the event is $200. Tickets are on sale now. 2007 Taste of New York Related: More Than Just a Taste of New York
  49. Neighborhood Watch
    Women Chefs Congregate in Chelsea; Sam Mason Has Fans on the LESChelsea: 25 women chefs including Anita Lo and Del Posto pastry chef Nicole Kaplan will cook at a cancer benefit at Pier 60 on Monday. [Restaurant Girl] Related: Women Chefs Come Out in Force For Benefit Flatiron: Hill Country hosts 4-Foodies on September 18 for the online group’s second tasting event. [4-Foodies] Harlem: Mexican street vendors will prepare the fare at Restaurante La Hacienda on September 19 for a Tamale and Tequila Tasting organized by the non-profit group Esperanza del Barrio. [Uptown Flavor] Lower East Side: Tailor gets high marks from opening-night diners who may not have understood the menu, but appreciated the results. [Eat for Victory/VV] Midtown West: A food cart on 46th Street at Sixth Avenue is serving up special Ramadan “break-the-fast” boxes. [Midtown Lunch] Tribeca: Cognac week at Brandy Library means free tastings every night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through Saturday.
  50. The In-box
    Bialy Expert Says Kossar’s Not Quite the Final Word on BialysIn our tribute to Kossar’s bialys yesterday, we pointed to the imprimatur of the august Mimi Sheraton, whose book The Bialy Eaters is the definitive work on the subject. Well, the last we heard, Sheraton loved the place. But no more, apparently: “The Book was written a long time ago and times change, as do bialys,” Sheraton writes. “[Kossar’s makes them] barely with any onions and much too soft, bland and puffy, often with barely defined center wells. The only thing I buy there now are mini-discs, i.e. miniature pletzels, with poppy seeds and, with luck, onions.” So there it is. We’ll probably still go on eating Kossar’s bialys, but now with a diminished sense of triumph. Live and learn. But, Sheraton tells us, there is hope for a new yardstick bialy.
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