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Tar Pit

  1. Openings
    Bludso’s Bar-&-Que Arrives in HollywoodThe center city debut of this Compton favorite finds cocktails, craft beer, and Scoops ice cream added to a more easily understood menu.
  2. Closings
    Mark Peel Ponders Future PossibilitiesCampanile plans to close November 30, while its chef-owner considers his next move.
  3. Menus
    What Roy Choi is Cooking with Mark Peel at Tar Pit Next WeekThe two will risk jail by committing an “uni abalone felony”.
  4. Mixocalypse
    Tar Pit Ties One On Tonight, Sleeping Through Turkey DayFacebook fans get a discount on their first drink.
  5. Crime Scenes
    Man Stabbed With Ice Pick at Joseph’s CafeWe’re glad the guy’s okay, and suggests he drinks at Tar Pit, where the big cubes of ice are machine-made.
  6. Slideshow
    What You Missed At Wolfgang Puck’s AWFF 2010Jose Andres made decadent tacos, Spago roasted an entire goat, and Nancy Silverton wore a funny inflatable hat.
  7. Slideshow
    Mark Peel, David Lefevre, and Ben Ford Have A Cook-Off For Restaurant WeekMayor Villaraigosa and Michael McCarty were among the judges at a chef-filled event.
  8. Mixocalypse
    Ace Bartenders Rally At First & Hope TonightAmong the many recipes, STK’s Daniel Long will combine homemade horchata with cognac and orange blossom water.
  9. The Other Critics
    Virbila Loves Bradley Ogden’s Root; Merrill Shindler Gets Lei’d atSolvang has more than aebleskivers cries The L.A. Times while Daily Breeze enjoys a Hawaiian classic in Torrance.
  10. Beef
    LAist Tar-nishes Mark Peel’s New Happy Hour and Loved OnesThe Tar Pit’s drinks are still powerful at happy hour, even if you might have to babysit the chef’s screaming kids and the eggs are old.
  11. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    What to Eat and Drink at Tar Pit’s New Happy HourTar Pit finally puts its excellent cocktails and bar eats on discount.
  12. Neighborhood Watch
    The Tar Pit Starts ‘Sunday Night Supper Club’ in Hollywood; Mooi Coming to EchoLive bands will fight for attention with Mark Peel’s plates and a popular food vendor starts its own store.
  13. The Other Critics
    Gold Plans L.A.’s Last Supper; Virbila Finds Tar Pit’s Sticking PointsL.A. Weekly offers try-before-you-die-dishes and Mark Peel’s new place gets a lot right but only some of the time.
  14. Mixocalypse
    Mark’s Tar Pit Marketing Didn’t A-Peel to Audrey SaundersMark Peel’s spotlight is too hot for his staff.
  15. Cocktailians
    What’s Shaking: Stirrings From PDT, Employees Only, Dutch Kills, andThe latest in cocktail culture.
  16. Mixocalypse
    First & Hope Scores Barman Marcos TelloDowntown’s forthcoming supper club is reeling in esteemed bar talent.
  17. The Other Critics
    Brad A. Johnson Busts Bouchon’s No-Show Chef, Thomas KellerIs salt to blame or the lack of Thomas Keller?
  18. The Other Critics
    The Gorbals Gives Gold Good Pub Grub; La Cachette Bistro Blows It with VirbilaIlan Hall’s small restaurant gets good grades with two critics.
  19. Openings
    What to Eat and Drink at The Tar Pit, Open TonightMark Peel’s cocktail restaurant comes to Hollywood.
  20. Openings
    Tar Pit, Bastide, and Grill ‘Em All Grand-Open This WeekThree anticipated openings are afoot.
  21. Mediavore
    Jay-Z Sues a Tea House; Mark Peel Will Serve Ball GagsAn Alabama tea shop has beef with a Brooklyn rapper and Mark Peel’s Tar Pit flirts with S&M.
  22. Mark Peel
    Mark Peel Plans To Mate Cocktails and Cuisine at The Tar PitMark Peel shares plans for his new Hollywood venture.
  23. Nightlife
    Speakeasy Craze Sweeps Up Young and Old AlikeWhile old bars rush to fit speakeasy culture into their scheme, new cocktail culture bars and parties are on their way.
  24. Nightlife
    Mark Peel Recruits Cocktail Experts from Both Coasts for Hollywood’s Tar PitMark Peel selects two esteemed cocktail experts to run his new venture.
  25. Mark Peel
    Familyman Mark Peel Prefers His Plates ‘Sexy’Mark Peel on family time and sexy plates.
  26. Pizza Pizza
    Is Tar Pit’s Pizza Oven Too Close for Mozza’s Comfort?Will Mark Peel’s new pizza oven draw the wrath of his famous ex-wife?
  27. Mark Peel
    Five Reasons Why Mark Peel is The Man of the MomentA new cookbook, restaurant, and bar, to start.