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  1. closings
    One of New York’s Best Mexican Spots Will CloseMiscelania’s last day of business is June 16.
  2. Honesty
    Maybe the Mexican Craze Has Gone Too Far?The end is nigh.
  3. Openings
    Paul Kahan Taqueria Project Gets A Name: Big StarBig Star set to debut in early winter
  4. Temporary Closings
    Zaragoza Deli Spruces UpHopefully the bodega-taquería doesn’t lose too much of its shabby charm.
  5. Xmas Trimmings
    ’Tis the Season: The Parachuting Santa at the Hidden TaqueriaThe East Village’s Zaragoza Deli celebrates Christmas.
  6. The New York Diet
    Novelist Joe Weisberg Unlocks the Mystery of ‘Ugli Fruit’ and Acclaimed author Joe Weisberg’s new novel, An Ordinary Spy, follows a CIA officer serving abroad in an undisclosed country. To preserve the anonymity of the country’s “very spicy” cuisine, the author redacted all references to specific ingredients in the text. Weisberg tells us that when he himself trained to be a CIA officer, he was taught to offer food — or “amenities” — to potential recruits and was graded on his ability to bring pastries to his instructor. Now that he no longer has access to Quantico’s all-you-can-eat buffet of ice creams and pies (he lives and writes in Park Slope and teaches in Jamaica Estates), we asked him how he satisfies his voracious appetite.