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Talula’s Garden

  1. The Other Critics
    Bar Ferdinand ‘Benefits Tremendously’ From the Addition of DavidRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  2. Chef Shuffle
    Matt Moon Let Go From Saint JamesThe chef’s been bounced around quite a bit over the past year or so.
  3. Chef Shuffle
    Ambiguous Project Pulling Bryan Sikora Away From A. KitchenThe chef is remaining mum about what’s next for him.
  4. Accolades
    Morgan’s Pier Recognized For Its DesignIt’s great news, but we’re still sad that the riverfront hot-spot is closed until next spring.
  5. Empire Building
    Olexy and Starr Expanding the Talula’s Brand with Talula’s DailyThey are hoping to get everything ready in tome for the holidays.
  6. Openings
    The Mildred Opens Wednesday In Bella VistaThe majority of the dishes will be served in cast-iron Staub cookware.
  7. Empire Building
    Starr-B-Que Coming to FishtownThough no one will confirm, the Williamsburg barbecue joint’s owner’s name is on the liquor license application.
  8. Foodievents
    Aimee Olexy Shares Her Hostessing Secrets at the Philadelphia Museum of ArtThe program brings the region’s hostess with the mostness to the PMA.
  9. Coming Soon
    Renovations Underway at Morgan’s PierAn opening is penciled in for the end of May.
  10. The Great Outdoors
    Talula’s Serves Brunch Al Fresco; Revolution House Re-Opens ItsThe lack of winter is bringing many city haunts outdoors early this year.
  11. Chef Shuffle
    French Laundry Vet Walter Abrams Will Helm Le Bec-Fin; Talula’s Alum GoingThe French Laundry vet will head Le Bec’s kitchen when the restaurant opens later this spring.
  12. Empire Building
    Rumors of Blue Angel’s Revival Emerge… AgainWe’ve heard ‘em before; we’ll probably hear ‘em again.
  13. The Other Critics
    LaBan: Farm-to-Table Ruled 2011’s Restaurant RoostRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  14. Green
    Starr Initiates a Green AgendaThe new program that aims to compost all organic waste will be implemented throughout the company in 2012.
  15. Video Feed
    Starr Chefs Weigh In on Their Favorite Thanksgiving DishesEach chef waxes Thanksgiving, detailing what dishes are their favorites.
  16. Chef Shuffle
    Starr Taps Former Morimoto Sous Chef to Helm His Route 6In addition to Morimoto, the chef held down kitchens at Buddakan and Talula’s Garden.
  17. Chef Shuffle
    New Chefs Sprout Up at Talula’s GardenThe new chef de cuisine comes from Starr’s Parc, and the new sous chef last helmed the kitchen at Noble.
  18. The Other Critics
    Happy Rooster’s Lobster Roll is a ‘Jackpot; Adam Erace FindsPlus: Talula’s Garden skimps on portions, and more, all in our weekly critical roundup.
  19. Chef Shuffle
    Earthquake Shmearthquake: Matt Moon’s Out at Talula’s Garden!Shakeups continue to rattle the restaurant’s kitchen.
  20. Chef Shuffle
    Former Talula’s Table Chef Takes Over Talula’s Garden; Le Virtu GetsThe former Talula’s Table chef picks up where outgoing Talula’s Garden chef left off.
  21. Chef Shuffle
    It’s Looking Like a Buyer’s Market For Chef’s GigsIf the top toque at Talula’s Garden isn’t for you, perhaps playing second fiddle to a Top Chef winner is more your speed.
  22. The Other Critics
    All the ‘Fuss’ at Talula’s Garden FeelsRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  23. The Other Critics
    Cafe Soho’s Korean Fried Chicken Lives Up to the Hype; De Lorenzo’sRounding up the region’s restaurant reviews.
  24. FYI
    Chefs Weigh In On the Charcoal vs Gas Grill DebateJack McDavid believes anything short of charcoal isn’t real grilling.
  25. Trends
    Rick Nichols Comes Out of Retirement to Tell Us He Feels Farm-to-Table FatigueIn what we hope is the first of many freelance pieces for the Inquirer, Nichols calls the hackneyed concept “tiresome.”
  26. Slideshow
    Take a Peek at Talula’s Garden, Opening TonightThe new spot from Aimee Olexy and Stephen Starr opens tonight in the former Washington Square space.
  27. Mediavore
    Radiation From Japan’s Nuclear Accident Is Present in Philly’sPlus: Mayor Michael Nutter sees Tastykake’s merger with Flower Foods as positive outcome; and Talula’s Garden will feature tables made by at risk youth, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. Coming Soon
    Major Construction Is Underway at Starr’s Beer GardenWhile all eyes are on Talula’s Garden, another Starr project takes shape.
  29. Coming Soon
    Sikora Isn’t Pushing Farm-to-Table at AKA RittenhouseAs the two Talula’s Table founders square off, only one is pushing a farm focuse menu.
  30. Trends
    We’re, Like, Totally Getting Farmed OutFarm fetishism is reaching a fever pitch.