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  1. Video Feed
    Kobayashi Battles the Tiny Hamster in the Eating Contest You’ve EagerlyIt’s like Ali versus Frazier, but with hot dogs.
  2. Video Feed
    Takeru Kobayashi Reduced to Pay-for-Play Stunt Eating at Low-Rent Frat PartiesChug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
  3. Empire Building
    Brand Equity: Kobayashi Developing His Own Hot-Dog LineThe competitive eater is putting his money where his mouth (usually) is.
  4. Foodievents
    The Offspring Are Holding a Taco Eating Contest Today With Takeru KobayashiThe Huntington Beach band is setting up at their hometown location of Chronic Tacos.
  5. Mediavore
    Mitt Romney Loves Meatloaf Cakes; Red Meat Is Still Killing YouEating red or processed meat daily could increase your mortality rate by thirteen percent.
  6. Mediavore
    NJ Wineries Toast to Direct Shipping; Red Meat Consumption Increases Chances ofPlus: Takeru Kobayashi shatters the grilled cheese sandwich-eating record at SXSW; and some scientist argue that genetically modified foods may be good for you, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. Controversy
    Kobayashi’s Hot Dog ‘Record’ Sort Of in DisputeIt sure doesn’t LOOK like he ate 69 dogs.
  8. Koby Doin’ Work
    Kobayashi Goes From ‘Champ to Chump’Could the Tsunami break the Guinness record for pizza-eating?
  9. Celebrity Settings
    Kobayashi’s Abs Are Like a Friggin’ Nathan’s Six PackSee what they looked like after dinner last night.
  10. Foodievents
    Kobayashi, We Beg You to Show Up at Asiadog’s Eating Contest Tonight“Several new, never-before-seen specials” at Trophy Bar.
  11. Crime Scenes
    Oh, Snap: Judge Says Kobayashi Case Doesn’t Pass Muster (Mustard?)Kobayashi won’t face punishment for rushing the stage at the Coney Island hot-dog-eating contest.
  12. Contests
    Kobayashi’s Final Appeal: ‘How Can I Use My ExtraordinaryThe speed-eating champion tells ‘The Wall Street Journal’ he’s still negotiating to be in the Nathan’s show.
  13. Foodievents
    Kobayashi Blames Organizers for Hot-Dog-Contest BanThe competitive eater is fighting for his right to eat hot dogs on July 4.
  14. Foodievents
    Summer Bummer: Kobayashi Will Not Have a Dog in Nathan’s RacePlus, another eating contest on Coney Island.
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    Jose Andres Awarded; New Record Set in Meatball EatingThe Bazaar chef is awarded for his creativity, while a man eats 29 meatballs in one minute.
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    Parents Bake in Protest; Outdoor Dining ReturnsPlus: Diners love healthy food, and Benihana is priceless, all in our morning news roundup.
  17. Mediavore
    Shaw’s Workers Strike; Pringles RecalledPlus: restaurant diners love health, and Benihana refuses a sale, all in our morning news roundup.
  18. Awards
    Kobayashi Bashes Meatball RecordTwenty-nine in one minute.
  19. Contests
    Professional Gorging: Curry- and Pizza-Chomping Champs Are CrownedKobayashi reigns again!
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    Food Network at Home; Scores Screenplay in the WorksPlus: P&G prepares to move, and where to feast on fugu, all in our morning news roundup.
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    Kobayashi Loses Greatest Nathan’s Contest of All TimeCompetitive eating finally comes of age with a titanic contest.
  22. NewsFeed
    Will This Year’s Hot-Dog-Eating Contest Just Not Be the Same?It’ll be shorter, Kobayashi is ailing, and a study says competitive eating is dangerous. Plus, where’s Mosca?
  23. NewsFeed
    Kobayashi’s Presence at Hot-Dog-Eating Contest Makes WavesWhat would a victory at Nathan’s be if it wasn’t over Kobayashi?
  24. Mediavore
    Chefs Are All Over ‘Ratatouille’; Allen and Delancey May Open AfterChefs say “Ratatouille gets it, it totally gets chef culture.” Even Tony Bourdain is onboard, calling it “the best restaurant movie ever made — the best chef movie.” [Ruhlman] Related: How Much Thomas Keller Is Really in ‘Ratatouille’’s Remy? Allen and Delancey may be coming back. Or rather, opening for the first time. [Eater] Related: Allen and Delancey Tripped at the Finish Line, Won’t Open The good people of Iowa may not get the whole niche-pork thing, but they are happy to supply the product. [Des Moines Register]
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    King Kobayashi Dethroned; Per Se Chef Moves OnJoey Jaws skewers Kobayashi in hot-dog contest, downing 66 HDBs for new record. [Major League Eating] Per Se’s Mark Twersky becomes top chef at Alfama; Brian Goodman named exec chef at Parea. [NYT] Is the controversial farm bill responsible for childhood obesity and diabetes? [NYT] Daily News survey of two restaurants, writer’s own eating habits indicates that servings of ratatouille may be on the uptick. [NYDN] Flushing is a hotbed of Korean chicken joints. [VV]
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    New York Rated Top BBQ City in the U.S.; Kobayashi Making Bookies SkittishNew York is listed as the No. 1 destination for BBQ in the U.S.(Memphis, in case you were wondering, was No. 10.) [BizJournal] World-champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut isn’t buying talk of Takeru Kobayashi being hurt: The Tsunami “could come to the Fourth of July with his jaws wired shut, and I’m sure he could still do all right; he’s that good of an eater.” [NYT] Related: Hot-Dog-Eating Champ Struck With Jaw Arthritis Determined to Gulp On The odds-makers, though, aren’t as confident about a crippled Kobayashi, and the board shows it. [McBrooklyn]
  27. NewsFeed
    Hot-Dog-Eating Champ Struck With Jaw Arthritis Determined to Gulp OnThe 2007 Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest should have been one for the ages – the Ali-Foreman of competitive eating. After an uninterrupted six-year run, Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi was about to meet his match in American Joey Chestnut, who broke “The Tsunami”’s world record earlier this month in Phoenix. But as you may know, Kobayashi came down with jaw arthritis and can barely open his mouth — and, to make matters worse, the trophy the two nations are jousting for, the Mustard Yellow Belt, has been lost.
  28. Neighborhood Watch
    Gertel’s Baked Goods Still to Be Had on the Lower East SideAstoria: Greek restaurant Stamatis’s expansion across the street finally looks near completion, and the place looks nice. [Joey in Astoria] Coney Island: Takeru Kobayashi may have lockjaw, but you can still show your support on July 4 by wearing one of these Kobayashi T-shirts inspired by the Nathan’s and Bob’s Big Boy logos. [The Food Section] Hell’s Kitchen: Rumor has it that Dunkin’ Donuts on Eighth Avenue near 36th Street is giving away free coffee and doughnuts while training its new staff today. [Grub Street] Lower East Side: You can still get Gertel’s pastries at Flicker’s Coffee and Tea Shop around the corner. [Lost City] Tribeca: Blue Crab Mondays are back at the Hideaway. [Gastro Chic] Upper East Side: Park Avenue Summer now boasts a create-your-own-cocktail bar. [Restaurant Girl]
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    Kobayashi May Not Defend His Hot-Dog Title; Oyster Bar Has Best Year EverKobayashi is suffering from arthritis in his jaw and may not be able to compete in the Hot Dog Battle of the Century on the Fourth of July. [Gothamist] Related: New York Hot-Dog Eaters Take It to the Next Level Chefs debate what Paris Hilton’s first post-release meal should be: Amalia’s Ivy Stark says salmon, but Wolfgang Puck says pasta. [E!] Grand Central Oyster Bar had the best year in its history, raking in $14.2 million. A post-fire renovation in 1997 helped a lot. [NYP]
  30. NewsFeed
    New York Hot-Dog Eaters Take It to the Next Level At the Nathan’s hot-dog eating contest July 4, competitive-eating fans across the world will be watching to see if Takeru “The Tsunami” Kobayashi can defend his title against the American upstart Joey Chestnut. But here at Grub Street, we’re always more interested in the local angle. New York is representing with two of the country’s top eaters, East Village roommates Tim “Eater X” Janus and Crazy Legs Conti.
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    American Reclaims World Hot-Dog Record; Bruni Calls Out SietsemaAt a Nathan’s hot-dog-eating contest qualifier in Phoenix, American Joey Chestnut shatters the world record set by Takeru “the Tsunami” Kobayashi. [NYP] In a rare critic-on-critic showdown, Frank Bruni comes down hard on Il Brigante, whose pizza the Voice’s Robert Sietsema called “the city’s most perfect evocation of the true Naples style.” Hardly, Bruni says. “Nothing about this pizza argued strongly for a trip outside your own neighborhood.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Related: New Restaurant Not Just for Lonely Mountain People [Grub Street] A critical roundup of the city’s lobster rolls decrees Ed’s Lobster Bar “the world’s best.” [NYP] Related: Consider the Lobster Roll [NYM]